About Sean Gabb

Gabb Sean 2015 03 22aSean Gabb is the author of more than forty books and around a thousand essays and newspaper articles. He also appears on radio and television, and is a notable speaker at conferences and literary festivals in Britain, America, Europe and Asia.


Under the name Richard Blake, he has written eight historical novels for Hodder & Stoughton. These have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese and Indonesian. They have been praised by both The Daily Telegraph and The Morning Star. He has produced three further historical novels for Endeavour Press, and has written two horror novels for Caffeine Nights.


Under his own name, he has written four novels. His other books are mainly about culture and politics.


He is the Director of the Libertarian Alliance, a human rights and educational charity based in the United Kingdom.


He also teaches, mostly at university level, though sometimes in schools and sixth form colleges. His subjects include: Latin, Greek, Classics, History, Law, and Economics. His first degree was in History. His PhD is in English History. He is currently Professor of Classical Studies at the Western Orthodox University (Commonwealth of Dominica), and is Director of the School of Ancient Studies.


He lives in Kent with his wife and daughter.


And, if you want to know any more about him, you will need to start mining this site. Use the drop-down category menu on the sidebar. Or there is the search bar.

Latest Posts

Donald Trump and the Nature of Victory, Sean Gabb (2017)

With a Bound, He was Free? Donald Trump and the Nature of Victory by Sean Gabb (13th April 2017) Since I am pushing myself into a debate between foreigners, I must begin by explaining myself. I am not an American, and do not wish to be one. I do not live in America, and do… READ MORE

Terrorism and the Ethics of Collective Punishment (2017), by Sean Gabb

Terrorism and the Ethics of Collective Punishment by Sean Gabb (23rd March 2017) Outraged by yesterday’s terrorist attack in London, one of my Facebook friends has posted this: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The way to deal with Islamic terrorism is mercilessly. You must not be squeamish about liberal use of… READ MORE

On Living in a Moral Sewer (2017), Sean Gabb

On Living in a Moral Sewer Sean Gabb (9th January 2017) Just over two months ago, I was interviewed by The Daily Mail. Let me give the facts of the story that I was told. Kelly Jarvis was a police officer in the North of England. In 2013, she took a personal dislike to Fiona… READ MORE

A Christmas Message for 2016

At home in Deal, Dr Gabb, dressed in twinset and pearls, sits with Christmas tree in background. At this time of year, few sights evoke more feelings of cheer and goodwill than the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree. For myself, the tree behind me takes me back to the Christmas of 1993, when my… READ MORE

La politique britannique: attendre la révolution (2016), by Sean Gabb

La politique britannique: attendre la révolution  Par Sean Gabb  (15 Décembre 2016) Je ne suis pas un oracle politique. Je suis occupé. J'ai deux livres à terminer. Si l'enseignement du grec et du latin n'est pas en soi difficile, le sens des nouveaux niveaux A est difficile. Par conséquent, j'ai ignoré les demandes de commentaires sur le désordre continu de notre… READ MORE

British Politics: Waiting for the Revolution (2016), by Sean Gabb

British Politics: Waiting for the Revolution By Sean Gabb (Published by Katehon, 15th December 2016) I am no political oracle. I am busy. I have two books to finish. If teaching Greek and Latin is not in itself difficult, making sense of the new A Levels is difficult. Therefore, I have ignored requests to comment… READ MORE

Donald Trump et le patriotisme anglais: Un rinçage inattendu (2016), by Sean Gabb

Donald Trump et le patriotisme anglais: Un rinçage inattendu Par Sean Gabb (14 e   Novembre 2016) L'élection de la semaine dernière de Donald Trump a pris presque tout le monde par surprise. Pour certains d'entre nous, c'était un moment de joie, pour d'autres un choc terrible. J'étais dans la première catégorie. Le gouvernement britannique… READ MORE

Donald Trump and English Patriotism

Donald Trump and English Patriotism: An Unexpected Wrinkle by Sean Gabb (14th November 2016) The election last week of Donald Trump took nearly everyone by surprise. For some of us, it was a moment of joy, for others a terrible shock. I was in the first category. The British Government was in the second. From… READ MORE

¿Todos norteamericanos ahora? (2016), by Sean Gabb

¿Todos norteamericanos ahora? Sean Gabb A Translation Published on Katehon, 9th November 2016) Para mí -y creo que para muchos otros- las elecciones presidenciales norteamericanas han sido una repetición del referéndum europeo. Me fui a la cama con una leve esperanza. La cobertura de la BBC de los resultados estaba repleta de un ligero derrumbamiento… READ MORE

All Americans Now? (2016), by Sean Gabb

All Americans Now? By Sean Gabb (Katehon, 9th November 2016) For me – and I think for many others – the American presidential election has been a repeat of the European Referendum. I went to bed with a faint hope. The BBC coverage of the results was filled with faintly crumbling Establishment optimism. I woke… READ MORE