Please Give Me Some of Your Money

Please Give Me Some of Your Money

A question you may find suggesting itself, especially in these straitened times, is why you should give me so much as a penny. After all - I assume, by the way, that our opinions are broadly in agreement - I wrote many of the articles on this site long before you read them, or had even heard of me; and I will continue writing whether or not you choose to share your wealth with me.

My answer is that, though I will continue adding to this website, regardless of what I get from it, I have many other uses for my time. I have novels to write. I have ghostwriting commissions. I have teaching commitments. I have my wife and daughter. The less the reward I have from this website, the more time I shall need to spend on other things. In other words, ignore my pleas for money, and my devotion to this website will continue, but far less assiduously. For, let me be honest, few things inspire like money. Every time I notice that I have been given some, I feel happier. Ideas come more freely to mind. The words flow more freely.

Therefore, please do give me some of your money. All donations go straight into my PayPal account, and will be used by me and Mrs Gabb to buy things on E-Bay. Indeed, so long as it remains healthily tumescent, neither of my women will comment adversely on the means by which I keep that account inflated. In other words, when I sit hunched over my notebook computer, making strange noises, I shall be left alone.

I say more. Every donation in excess of £20 will earn you a signed and dated copy of one of my books.

So take your pick of the buttons just below, and make sure to keep clicking.

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