Professor John Kersey Reviews The Churchill Memorandum

The Churchill Memorandum
by Sean Gabb

Hampden Press, London, 2011, 235pp
ISBN: 9781446722572
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Review by John Kersey, 28th December 2011

Excellent Contribution to the Genre
by John Kersey

This is an entertaining, well-written example of the genre of invented history; indeed, such are the myriad references to events and individuals scattered throughout the text that it would take a very well-informed reader indeed not to see this as a refresher course on some of the currents that have influenced the course of twentieth-century history.

However, this is not to take away from the overall appeal of the novel as a pacy thriller with more than a nod to antecedence in Buchan and indeed some similarities with the techniques of William Boyd's "Any Human Heart". There is plenty of suspense, some appropriate savagery, and an underlying preoccupation with ideas and the capacity of the individual to bring about their influence. Throughout, characters play with themes of control and lack of control, wrestling with a posterity that is seen through the dual perspectives of the characters' actions and the reader's awareness of actual events. The whole work would make for an effective, if challenging, screenplay.