About Sean Gabb

Gabb Sean 2015 03 22aSean Gabb is the author of more than twenty books and around a thousand essays.


Under the name Richard Blake, he has written eight historical novels for Hodder & Stoughton. These have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese and Indonesian. They have been praised by both The Daily Telegraph and The Morning Star. He has produced two further historical novels for Endeavour Press, and has written two horror novels, as yet unpublished, for Caffeine Nights.


Under his own name, he has written four novels. His other books are mainly about culture and politics.


He is the Director of the Libertarian Alliance, a human rights and educational charity based in the United Kingdom.


He also teaches, mostly at university level, though sometimes in schools and sixth form colleges. His subjects include: History, Law, Economics, Latin, and Greek. His first degree was in History. His PhD is in English History.


He lives in Kent with his wife and daughter.


And, if you want to know any more about him, you will need to start mining this site. Use the drop-down category menu on the sidebar. Or there is the search bar.

Latest Posts

Observations on the Causes of the Decline of Ancient Civilisation (2015), by Sean Gabb

I would be most reluctant to cross swords with Ludwig von Mises on economics. I have far less regard for his history. We can reject the Polanyi/Finley claim that market behaviour is a modern and transitory development, and that ancient economies were so fundamentally different that they cannot be subjected to economic analysis in our… READ MORE

Fake Evidence Regarding Christ (2015), by Sean Gabb

Below this comment, I attach an article that claims the discovery of a contemporary eye-witness account of a miracle by Jesus Christ. Here is my comment. 1. Outside the special case of the Herculaneum library, there is not a single surviving autograph by a known ancient writer, or even a second or third generation manuscript.… READ MORE

Did Christ Exist? (2014), by Sean Gabb

More reason to suppose The Daily Mail is written and edited by imbeciles. On the 1st October 2014, the following article was published: Jesus NEVER existed’: Writer finds no mention of Christ in 126 historical texts and says he was a ‘mythical character It reports the following claims: Writer Michael Paulkovich has claimed that there is a little evidence… READ MORE

The Death of Jeremy Thorpe: Rinka’s Revenge (2014), by Sean Gabb

I hear that Jeremy Thorpe is dead. He inspired my first poetic work of any substance. Written when I was still at school, The Trial of Jeremy Thorpe has joined the catalogue of my lost works. I conceived a strong prejudice against Mr Thorpe the first time I saw him on the telly. I was equally partial… READ MORE

More Joys of Poetry

My daughter is required to write a poem for tomorrow about a child’s favourite thing. She’s demanded I should do it for her. I’ve said I won’t, but have written this to hold in reserve: Oh, you can love the telly, Or to look at trees. But, thinking of my belly, What I love is… READ MORE

The Joys of Poetry

Many years ago, when I was a young man, I was asked by one of the sneering thugs set over me in the office where I worked what was the use of poetry. I thought the answer I gave was no more than good-natured badinage. Sadly everyone else thought otherwise. I didn’t work there much… READ MORE

Anjem Choudary and the Glorification of Terror (2015), by Sean Gabb

Anjem Choudary and the Glorification of Terror by Sean Gabb 21st September 2015 Anjem Choudary is one of this country’s main Islamic trouble-makers. So far as I can tell, he and his wife and their four children live on various forms of state welfare. He uses his time to campaign for a privileged status in… READ MORE

Should the Police be Privatised? (2015), by Sean Gabb

Should the Police be Privatised? by Sean Gabb 21st September 2015 Lister Hospital, which is somewhere in the Midlands, has employed private security staff, whose powers include the right to demand names and addresses and to issue fixed penalty fines. Early in the morning on Monday the 21st September 2015, I was called by BBC… READ MORE

Margaret Thatcher, the Miners’ Strike, and the Triumph of Middle Class Leftism (2015), by Sean Gabb

Margaret Thatcher, the Miners' Strike,  and the Triumph of Middle Class Leftism Sean Gabb 20th April 2015 A few days ago, I put the following post on my Facebook account; It’s about thirty years since the end of the Miners’ Strike – the final humbling of our working classes. Thinking back, I am filled with… READ MORE

Something about Jeremy Corbyn (2015), by Sean Gabb

11th September 2015 I suppose I should say something about the Labour leadership election. I will begin by saying that I did not register as a Labour supporter, and have not voted in the leadership election. I dislike any form of political cheating, and I do not think good will come of interfering in the… READ MORE