Sean Gabb is the author of more than thirty books and around a thousand essays and newspaper articles. He also appears on radio and television, and is a notable speaker at conferences and literary festivals in Britain, America, Europe and Asia.

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Under the name Richard Blake, he has written eight historical novels for Hodder & Stoughton. These have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese and Indonesian. They have been praised by both The Daily Telegraph and The Morning Star. He has produced another four historical novels for Endeavour Press, and has written two horror novels for Caffeine Nights.

Under his own name, he has written four novels. His other books are mainly about culture and politics.

He also teaches, mostly at university level, though sometimes in schools and sixth form colleges. His subjects include: Latin, Greek, Classics, History, Law, and Economics. His first degree was in History. His PhD is in English History. From 2006 to 2017 he was Director of the Libertarian Alliance. He is currently an Honorary Vice-President of the Ludwig von Mises Centre UK, and is Director of the Centre for f Ancient Studies.

He lives in Kent with his wife and daughter.

And, if you want to know any more about him, you will need to start mining this site. Use the drop-down “Posts” items on the menu bar. Or there is the search bar.

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Anti-Leftism: A Century of Failure (2018), by Sean Gabb

Anti-Leftism: A Century of Failure Sean Gabb 7th July 2018 I am currently preparing another book of essays by my late friend Chris R. Tame. He was an accomplished bibliographer, and I have been slowed down in publishing his book by the need to type in hundreds of references scribbled over the hard copy. This has reminded me of the immense body of literature produced on our side between about 1930 and 1990. University professors, university journals, policy institutes lavishly funded by big business, economists, historians, philosophers, historians, sociologists, political scientists, journalists – no criticism in this period that could be made of the managerial state was left unmade. In writing his essays, Chris ran over whole libraries of books and articles. I read many of them when I was… READ MORE

Last Exit to Albion Reviews The Churchill Memorandum

“The funny thing about homecomings is the momentary sense of being simultaneously in two different time streams. There’s the knowledge of everything said and done while away. There’s the feeling of having never been away…” Returning from the USA with an apparently innocuous case full of miscellaneous notes and records, renowned historian and Churchill biographer Anthony Markham is oblivious  about the ordeal that will soon befall him. The year is 1959, but Eisenhower is nowhere in sight. Harry Anslinger is president. Gandhi did not survive his most fatal hunger strike, Hitler and Churchill died prematurely, Goring controls Germany, World War 2 never happened and the Nazis have made peace with the Jews. Within this alternate timeline, Markham is on the constant run from a cloak-and-dagger conspiracy intent on capturing him… READ MORE

Stories from Paul the Deacon

Stories from Paul the Deacon: A Latin Reader for GCSE, A-Level and University Students, Edited with an Introduction, Notes and Comprehensive Vocabulary by Sean Gabb Introduction The purpose of this book is to give students a set of readings that are in genuine but fairly simple Latin, and that are interesting in themselves, and that are accompanied by a Vocabulary in which nearly every word used in the text is fully-explained. I hope it will be useful to GCSE and A-Level students, and to undergraduates who are beginning an accelerated course in Latin. Nor do I forget students in home-education or those who are trying to learn Latin by themselves. One of the difficulties that students of Latin at any level face is a lack of reading material that is… READ MORE

Stories from the Life of Christ - Introduction

Stories from the Life of Christ: A Latin Reader for Intermediate Students Selected, with an Introduction, Notes and Comprehensive Vocabulary by Sean Gabb Hampden Press, 2018 ISBN: 978-1983188732 Address to the Reader The purpose of this book is to give a set of readings that are in genuine but fairly simple Latin, that are interesting in themselves, and that are accompanied by a Vocabulary in which nearly every word used in the text is fully explained. I hope it will be useful to intermediate students—that is, those who have made some progress in the language, but who still find the Roman Classics too difficult to read with any fluency. I think of A-Level students in England, or undergraduates anywhere in the English-speaking world who are beginning an accelerated course in Latin. I… READ MORE

The York Deviation, Reviewed by T.T. Rogers

Edward Parker, a middling lawyer from Deal, Kent, history graduate of the University of York, and overweight hypochondriac, wakes up to find himself back on the Heslington campus - not in our time, but some twenty years earlier, in 1981, when he was still a shy student there. Initially disoriented and confused, Parker soon finds his feet in a younger body; though oddly enough, this is only in outward appearance; physiologically, he is still middle-aged. He quickly re-befriends some of the resident undergraduates, including a science student, John Henley, with whom he goes for a nocturnal walk. The two end up undertaking a surreptitious exploration of a nearby archaeological excavation: an old Egyptian temple (which Gabb calls the Temple of Isis; there is an actual excavated Egyptian temple near York,… READ MORE

Curt Doolittle Reviews Radical Coup

NOTES ON SEAN GABB'S "NEW" BOOK: RADICAL COUP. Reading Sean Gabb's new book. "Radical Coup: A Case for Reaction" (SUMMARY: Sean writes a typically british apologetic series of essays trying to find a graceful way of making british libertarians into conservatives. It's ok. But I have some insights to add that are ... less apologetic and more direct and critical.) It's not a new book. Not sure what's new yet. More a collection of essays. Ok. I see... (I'm thinking Hoppe's forward includes a dig aimed at me. 😉 Sorry Hans but I eat Kantians like beer hall's go through peanuts - leaving the remnants likewise as shells on the floor.) Impression.... Seems like Sean is trying to help the effeminate brits man up. So far consensus is that in… READ MORE

Radical Coup: A Case for Reaction - Description

From the Foreword by Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Gabb provides detailed analyses of many issues currently hotly debated both in and outside of libertarian circles all across the Western world, and assesses their role and impetus in the process of social change. Thus, the reader will find many valuable, historically informed insights regarding the issues of “free” (mass) immigration vs. controlled borders, multiculturalism vs. cultural homogeneity, secession vs. centralization, of left-libertarianism and the new, Alternative Right, and of Christian and Islamic culture. Most importantly especially for libertarians and, as I should confess, much in line with what I have tried to accomplish for quite some time with my own writings, in reaction to the diagnosed disease—the Radical Coup—Gabb proposes a detailed, equally radical cure—his Case for Reaction—that envisions a programmatic alignment of traditional… READ MORE

Clifton Jones Reviews Stories from Paul the Deacon

When I was learning Latin I remember getting old (some Victorian!) Latin texts. There was another problem, going from Latin lessons to real Latin texts is a huge jump. Here the author has chosen later texts written by Paul the Deacon (about 8th century). The Latin is simpler as a result and it makes the book a very useful stepping stone from Latin lessons to classical Latin authors. I went from lessons to Caesar, and this book would have made that transition a lot easier. I'm now in the stage of my Latin having gone rusty, and this book looks an ideal way for me to recapture some of that lost prowess. Also it has a vocabulary at the back. Yes I have a Latin dictionary, but experience with other… READ MORE

D.R. Gibson Reviews The Churchill Memorandum

The Churchill Memorandum by Sean Gabb Exciting Erudite Escapism in a Alternate History of Better Times Trigger Warning - Graphic Depictions of Smoking Dr Gabb's novel is in a classic form: an introduction to several of the book's key characters and including the alternate historical timeline from 1938 to 1959 - the exposition, with fast-paced action, several plot twists, and a rich interspersing of fictional and real contemporaneous characters - and the denouement which is both at times surreal and yet to my taste satisfying. The protagonist, Dr Anthony Markham, as a precocious academic, is a reluctant and initially emotionally ill-equipped 'hero' - he is neither James Bond nor Dirty Harry, although on 'the same side' - but the story of intrigue and treachery in high places forces him to… READ MORE

Skinny87 Reviews The Churchill Memorandum

Note – As of the 12th May 2018, this review is being published in instalments here. It is supposed to be a bad review. All I can say is that I wish I had more reviewers like "Skinny87." He is  going through the book a chapter at a time, with almost as much concentration as I put into writing it. He has only reached Chapter Three, and his review and the comments on his review have reached five thousand words. It is most flattering, and I will try to send him an autographed copy.SIG  Being an entirely partisan review and analysis of The Churchill Memorandum – Or ‘Dirigibles, Acid Baths and Bullet-Trams, Oh My!’ In December 2017 I was scrolling through the entries in the Alternate History recommendations on the… READ MORE
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