Sean Gabb is the author of more than thirty books and around a thousand essays and newspaper articles. He also appears on radio and television, and is a notable speaker at conferences and literary festivals in Britain, America, Europe and Asia.

Under the name Richard Blake, he has written eight historical novels for Hodder & Stoughton. These have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese and Indonesian. They have been praised by both The Daily Telegraph and The Morning Star. He has produced another four historical novels for Endeavour Press, and has written two horror novels for Caffeine Nights.

Under his own name, he has written four novels. His other books are mainly about culture and politics.

He also teaches, mostly at university level, though sometimes in schools and sixth form colleges. His subjects include: Latin, Greek, Classics, History, Law, and Economics. His first degree was in History. His PhD is in English History. From 2006 to 2017 he was Director of the Libertarian Alliance. He is currently an Honorary Vice-President of the Ludwig von Mises Centre UK, and is Director of the School of Ancient Studies.

He lives in Kent with his wife and daughter.

And, if you want to know any more about him, you will need to start mining this site. Use the drop-down “Posts” items on the menu bar. Or there is the search bar.

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The Not So Resistible Rise of Jeremy Corbyn (2018), by Sean Gabb

The Not So Resistible Rise of Jeremy Corbyn by Sean Gabb 19th April 2018 When Jeremy Corbyn became Leader of the Labour Party in 2015, the Conservative Party rejoiced, and his own parliamentary party went into a long sulk. The received wisdom was that an avowed socialist, with some very iffy connections, was so unelectable that the Conservatives could expect at least five more years in office. I disagreed. Sure enough, he came a good second in the 2017 general election. I will now say with fair surety that, if there were an election next week, Mr Corbyn would get an overall majority. It might be a big overall majority. Let me discuss the reasons. First, there is the nature of the media campaign against him. It is fair comment… READ MORE

The Futility of Electoral Politics (2018), by Sean Gabb

The Futility of Electoral Politics by Sean Gabb 8th April 2018 There was a time when I felt obliged to argue for certain propositions. However, we have now reached a stage where these propositions can be taken as at least a working hypothesis. We are governed by a coalition of fools, cowards, drunkards, whoremasters, and whores of every kind. Their mission is to finish turning England into a financial casino in which a few hundred thousand punters and croupiers grow very rich, while the rest of us – when not working as cleaners, drivers, cooks, and jesters without licence – live either as atomised individuals or in ethnic and religious communities, each too powerless to impose on the others any one agenda of dissent. This is not to say we… READ MORE

Thoughts on Vergil's Aeneid (2018), by Sean Gabb

I am presently teaching some revision courses in A Level Latin and Classical Civilisation. Part of my job is to teach my young gentlemen how to write 40-mark essays on the set texts. I spent the morning going through strategies in the abstract. I then put this together as an exemplar. It is taken from one of the past papers. The general point I made was that a plodding answer that takes the question for granted will get a high C at best. What the examiners will reward is something that shows a full knowledge of the text, but stands out from the crowd. You can do this by attacking the premise of the question. Indeed, if you read the question, you will see that this is that the examiners… READ MORE

Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Camera

Last year, in a fit of perceived wealth, I bought a . It cost £120 and was a rather pretty heap of junk. Nothing was ever quite in focus, and the colour balance was a mess. So, having used Canon cameras for many years, I looked round for something better. I bought a Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II. Here are the specifications: Large 1.5 type 18.7 x 14.0 mm Canon CMOS sensor with multi-aspect shootin Capture 12.8 megapixel images (3:2) and Full HD video with DSLR-like quality Be creative with depth of field, using a fast f/2-3.9, 24 mm 5x zoom lens and 9-bladed aperture Fast image processing and responsive operation with DIGIC 6 PowerShot G1 X Mark II Battery Pack NB-12L Battery Charger CB-2LGE Neck Strap NS-DC11 AC Cable… READ MORE

Lenovo Ideapad 310-15ISK 15.6"

I bought this Lenovo Ideapad year ago in a John Lewis sale. I bought it because I was feeling rich at the time, and because the Samsung I bought in 2012 seemed to be wearing out. Well, the Samsung is now among my daughter's treasured possessions, and I wish I hadn't splashed out all that money. Here is what I find good about the computer: The high-resolution monitor comes in handy. It gives me a large desktop; Sound and video are both very good; 8Gb RAM is more than I really need - but I'm sure it helps when cooking video files; 2TB HD is definitely more than I need, and I've replaced it with a 500GB SSD; Battery life is OK. Here is what I find bad about the… READ MORE

Nextbase 212 Lite 1080p Full HD DVR Dashboard Digital Driving Video Recorder

I bought this  via Amazon on Friday the 9th March 2018. It arrived on Sunday the 11th. Some reviewers have complained about non-intuitive controls. My advice to them is to read the manual, which is 36 pages and wholly informative. I charged its battery and put it in the car and took it for a five minute test drive around Deal in Kent. You can see the results for yourself. It makes for a less than gripping view. On the other hand, its job is to film everything visible through the windscreen for possible use in the event of something untoward. It does this job, in my so far limited view, perfectly well. You can see a certain bounciness from how the base is fitted to the inside of the… READ MORE

Epson Expression Home XP-312 Inkjet Printer

I was given an a month ago. It hadn't been used for several years, and it needed a great deal of external and internal cleaning. However, once I had it ready, it worked at once. Setting up the wireless connection involved scrolling through each alpha-numeric character until the password was fed in - but I fail to see how else this could have been arranged, given the size and design of the control panel. The print quality is excellent. Black text comes out almost as well as from my laser printer. It starts to look blobby if you go below 8pt. On the other hand, unless you are printing dodgy contracts covered in fine print, how often do you need to go lower than about 10pt? Photographs look very nice… READ MORE

Kevin Reviews The Churchill Memorandum

A Highly Provocative and Totally Engrossing Alternative History Novel The Churchill Memorandum is a very well-written and sophisticated alternative history novel with an intriguing premise. Like any alternative history, this book is founded on a what-if. In this case - what if Hitler died early and the Second World War never happened? The author's answer to that question is both unexpected and provocative. It is also multifaceted - technological progress, economic development, political and social evolution, personal careers, etc. In this alternative timeline, obscure men and women from our own timeline rise to levels of greatness (or ignominy). Would-be great powers grow corrupt and stagnate instead, while second-rate powers rise to greatness. Some tyrannies crumble while others take root. One area of technology advances far more rapidly than in our… READ MORE

How to Avoid the Usenet.nl Scam (2018), by Sean Gabb

How to Avoid the Usenet.nl Scam Sean Gabb 3rd March 2018 The best way to avoid what might have happened to me is not, under any circumstances, to do business with Usenet.nl. If, however, you are careless enough to find yourself in my position, here is how I seem to have got out of it. On the 28th August 2017, I joined Usenet.nl. This is a service that promises unrestricted access to the newsgroups. The deal was that I was allowed a free trial fortnight, in which I could download up to 5Gb of data. After that, I would pay £7 a month to keep the service. I had to give my real name and address, and to set up a PayPal standing order. I suppose most people sign up… READ MORE

Europe: A Simplification of the Issues (2018), by Sean Gabb

Europe: A Simplification of the Issues by Sean Gabb (1st March 2018) One of my readers has asked for my opinion on the draft treaty of withdrawal from the European Union. Since I have not read its 120 pages, and since I have no wish to read them, I am in no position to comment. Or perhaps I am just more honest than most of those who are commenting. Whatever the case, I will not comment. Instead, I will give a general view of what seems to be happening. Imagine that a close friend comes to you and says he no longer loves his wife, and that he wants a divorce. Your advice, I imagine, would be to think very carefully about the matter. There are children to consider. There… READ MORE
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