Blasphemy and Freedom of Faith (2011), by Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, on BBC Radio Leeds, on Friday the 29th July 2011, to discuss the boundary between blasphemy and freedom of speech. His own contributions starts around 8'50".

The background story is that a nightclub in Wakefield is offering "Crucifiction" and "Resurrection" nights. Sean Gabb agrees that this is blasphemy in the sense that it seems calculated to bring the Christian Faith into ridicule and contempt. He also notes that, if they had offered "Jihad" and "Ramadan" nights, the owners on the nightclub would already be living under police protection.

Dr Gabb suggests that Christians who are offended by what is offered should find out who is providing goods and services to this club, and publicly refuse to do business with these providers. However, he also says that this should not be a matter for the criminal law. "The right of these people to commit blasphemy," he says, "rests on the same grounds as a Christian's right to profess his faith." Moreover, we live in a country where the ruling class is increasingly hostile to Christianity. Any law demanded by Christians will be written and passed and enforced by people who are unknown and unaccountable, and who are probably not Chistians. Such a law will be used to discriminate still further against Christians.

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One thought on “Blasphemy and Freedom of Faith (2011), by Sean Gabb

  1. Mr Ecks

    The female announcer/interviewer has voice tones that (to me) sound fairly contemptuous when she first announces you, Sean. After you have finished speaking she sounds (to my ear ) much more respectful.