Candidlist in the News

These are items from the British newsaper press and other media that refer to the Candidlist project.

Michael Gonzalez, "The New Thatcherites",
The Wall Street Journal, European Edition, Tuesday the 22nd May 2001

David Hencke, "Hague faces growing euro revolt",
The Guardian, London, Tuesday the 15th May 2001
Martin Bentham, "Conservatives rebel over policy on euro",
The Sunday Telegraph, London, Sunday the 13th May 2001
James C. Bennett, "Anglosphere Beat: It's not the UN, it's the EU, stupid ",
United Press International, Saturday the 12th May 2001.
Sean Gabb, "William Hague, and the Race Relations Industry: A Few Words of Pity",
Free Life Commentary, London, issue 48, Monday the 30th April 2001
(This contains a brief discussion of The Daily Telegraph affair)
Blake Evans-Pritchard, "Eurosceptic website condemned as sinister"
EU Observer, Brussels, Monday the 23rd April 2001

Letters to the Editor, "Not us"
The Daily Telegraph, London, Friday the 20th April 2001

News in Brief, "Anti-euro group drops action",
The Daily Telegraph, London, Thursday the 19th April 2001

Robert Shrimsley, "Consumer groups feared more than ministers",
The Financial Times, London, Tuesday the 17th April 2001

Benedict Brogan, "Pro-euro directors 'shamed'",
The Daily Telegraph, London, Monday the 16th April 2001
"One man's achievement with the Internet",
The Institute for Social Inventions, London, 2001
Shelagh Shepherd, "Political Pressure on the Web - a good thing or a bad thing?",
WestminsterWatch, London, Saturday the 14th April 2001
"City Diary", second item (about the Candidlist Roll of Shame),
The Times, London, Friday the 6th April 2001.
"Media Diary", third item (about Boris Johnson),
The Times, London, Friday the 23rd March 2001
Emmanuel Goldstein, "The Glorious Departure of Bill Newton Dunn"
Airstrip One, London, 27th November 2000
Melissa Kite, "Pro-EU Tory may be sacked",
The Times, London, Saturday the 18th November 2000
Letter to the Editor, "Risks of federalism"
The Western Morning News, Plymouth, 15th November 2000
Sean Gabb "One Year of Candidlist: An Appraisal",
Free Life Commentary, issue 45, Friday the 3rd November 2000
Andrew Pierce, "Tories select Eurosceptics to fight marginals",
The Times, London, Thursday 19th October 2000
Andrew Grice, "Tory candidates demand a tougher line on Europe ",
The Independent, London, Thursday 19th October 2000
Nicholas Watt, "Tories 'lurch to right' over euro",
The Guardian, London, Thursday 19th October 2000
Andrew Sparrow, "Half of all target seat Tories 'are anti-euro' ",
The Daily Telegraph, London, Thursday 19th October 2000
Bob Roberts, "Winning more seats 'would make Tories more right wing'",
Press Association Newsfile, Wednesday the 18th October 2000
Allister Heath, "No, no, no: Thatcher's grandchildren reject the superstate",
The European Journal, London, October 2000
(NB The link given above is to a long pdf version of the whole journal in which the cited article appears)
Peter Kellner, "Hague versus the Tory party",
The Evening Standard, London, Monday 7th August 2000
Roland Watson, "Website adds Labour hopefuls to 'candidlist'",
The Times, London, Monday 7th August 2000
"Correction: Dr Sean Gabb",
The Daily Mirror, London, 20th July 2000 - a correction of the March article
Benedict Brogan, "New Tory intake more sceptical than Hague",
The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 6th June 2000
Paul Starling, "Tories Hit by Euro-split Survey",
The Daily Mirror, London, 11th March 2000 
The Independent, London, 1st March 2000
Sean Gabb, "Reflections on the Current State of British Politics",
Free Life Commentary, issue 39, Saturday the 19th February 2000
(This is the article that inspired the Roland Watson article immediately below, and provoked an uproar within the some reaches of the Conservative Party)
Roland Watson, "Sceptic website sets out to topple Hague",
The Times, London, Monday 28th February 2000
William Rees Mogg, "Opinion:  Changing Clubs",
The Times, London, Monday 27th December 1999
David Wighton, "Hague says europhile MPs 'will not be driven out'"
The Financial Times, London, Friday 24th December 1999
Michael White, "Hague olive branch on EU reform",
The Guardian, London, Friday 24th December 1999
Sean Gabb, "Politics and the art of deception",
The Times, London, Monday 20th December 1999
Londoner's Diary: "Web of  Intrigue"
The Evening Standard, London, Monday 13th December 1999
Maja Pawinska, "Tory anger over cyber Euro labels",
Pr Week, London, London, Friday 19th November 1999
"MP threatens court action at 'europhile' claims on net",
The Southern Daily Echo, Southampton, Tuesday 9th November 1999
"Tories up in arms over website",
BBC Web News, London, Monday 8th November 1999
Roland Watson, "Tory Net row over Europe",
The Times, London, Monday 8th November 1999
Mark Inglefield, "Michael Ancram; Times Diary" (fifth item),
The Times, London, Wednesday 27th October 1999
Andy McSmithand and Patrick Wintour, "Portillo defies Hague by ruling out euro",
The Observer, London, Sunday 24th October 1999
Paul Waugh, "Sleaze rules force sitting MPs to face reselection",
The Independent, London, Tuesday 5th October 1999
Tom Baldwin, "Activists put question mark over MPs' commitment to euro",
The Times, London, Monday 4th October 1999
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