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A personal view by Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance

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The 2011 Conference of the Property and Freedom Society

A Common Sense, and Therefore a Libertarian, View of Super Injunctions, Sean Gabb, 23rd May 2011

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The Passive Smoking Scare: When Ruling Class Propaganda Masquerades as Science (2010), Sean Gabb

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In Defence of the British Empire, Sean Gabb, 3rd August 2010

The 2010 Conference of the Property and Freedom Society, Sean Gabb, 17th June 2010

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Are the Russians Coming? Brief Thoughts on the Climate Change Hoax, Sean Gabb, 3rd December 2009

Democratic Art: The Non-Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy, Sean Gabb, 10th September 2009

FLC185, The National Health Service: A Libertarian Perspective, Sean Gabb, 18th August 2009

FLC184, Review of Kevin Carson’s Organization Theory, 18th June 2009

Review of Kevin Carson’s Organization Theory, 18th June 2009

What is the Ruling Class? Sean Gabb, 28th May 2009

FLC182, A Political Class is Blown Away: Cui Bono?, Sean Gabb, 18th May 2009

Speech Given to Conservative Future, Sean Gabb, 16th February 2009

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The Third Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society, Sean Gabb, 4th July 2008

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A Day in Exeter with UKIP, Sean Gabb, 10th March 2008

FLC168, Are the non-Domiciled Rich and the City Good for England? Sean Gabb, 19th February 2008

Notes on a Debate between Chris Bryant MP and Sean Gabb, 21st November 2007

FLC166, My Contractually-Obliged Lecture on the Environment, Sean Gabb, 21st November 2007

FLC164, On the Failure of Political Leadership, Sean Gabb, 11th September 2007

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Review of Two Novels by Madsen Pirie, Sean Gabb, 25th June 2007

Second Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society, Sean Gabb, 21st June 2007

Defending the Right to Deny the Holocaust, Sean Gabb, 24th April 2007

Sean Gabb Reviews Danny Kruger’s “On Fraternity” (2007)

FLC156, A Brief Guide to Self-Publishing, Sean Gabb, 26th October 2006

FLC155, On Opposing the DNA Database, Sean Gabb, 26th October 2006

Jack Straw: A Man worth Betting on? Sean Gabb, 13th October 2006

That Sheep May Safely Graze, Sean Gabb, 26th September 2006

Thoughts on Limited Liability, Sean Gabb, 26th September 2006

FLC151, My Novel: A Brief Puff, Sean Gabb, 8th August 2006

Looking beyond Nuclear, Sean Gabb, 12th July 2006

Happiness by Decree, Sean Gabb, 9th July 2006

The Inaugural Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society, Sean Gabb, 14th June 2006

FLC147, Tony Blair: Let There be no Easy Way Out for Him, Sean Gabb, 6th May 2006

The Daily Mail, Forgery, and the Corruption of Debate, Sean Gabb, 4th May 2006

FLC145, Emma Chamberlain and the Astor Theatre: How Dissidents are Treated in Modern England, Sean Gabb, 14th April 2006

Obituary of Chris Tame, Sean Gabb, 22nd March 2006

Mark Oaten, Rent Boys and the Secret Police: How England is Governed at the End of its History, Sean Gabb, 22nd January 2006

FLC142, David Cameron and the Conservative Party: A Farewell to the Quisling Right?, Sean Gabb, 14th December 2005

FLC141, On Living in a Political Vacuum, Sean Gabb, 4th October 2005

FLC140, Reflections on the Case of Subhaan Younis, Sean Gabb, 29th September 2005

FLC139, Market Failure and the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Proposal for Reform, Sean Gabb, 1st September 2005

FLC138, The Reform of Alcohol Licensing in England: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, Sean Gabb, 16th August 2005

FLC137, A Return to Foaming Polemic: Putting a Case for Guns, Sean Gabb, 6th July 2005

FLC136, The General Election Result: A Brief Comment from the Right, Sean Gabb, 7th May 2005

Free Trade v Fair Trade: A Debate Organised by Christian Aid, Sean Gabb, 16th April 2005

FLC134, On Conversing with the British National Party, Sean Gabb, 7th April 2005

Forget the Election: How We by Delaying Yet May Save the Nation, Sean Gabb, 7th April 2005

FLC132, Tax, Public Spending and Everything Else: The Sorry Truth about The Conservative Hidden Agenda, Sean Gabb, 25th March 2005

FLC131, The Jaws of the Trap Are Closing: Hunting, the Courts and the Constitution, Sean Gabb, 14th March 2005

What’s Wrong with British Conservatism? Sean Gabb, 16th February 2005

FLC129, Home Education: Do It Yourself, Do It Better, Sean Gabb, 27th November 2004

Less is Good, Nothing is Better: How the State Can Improve British Education, Sean Gabb, 17th November 2004

Annual Reflections on the Quisling Right, Sean Gabb, 30th September 2004

Truancy: A Personal Perspective, Sean Gabb, 18th August 2004

Quote The Bible: Go to Jail, Sean Gabb, 9th August 2004

FLC124, An Ode to Timothy Starr, A Libertarian Who Supported the War with Iraq, Sean Gabb, 28th July 2004

FLC123, Vote UKIP for a Better Tory Government, Sean Gabb, 1st June 2004

Washington and Brussels: Apology, Retraction, Clarification, Sean Gabb, 19th May 2004

Iraq: I Wish I Had Been Wrong, Sean Gabb, 11th May 2004

FLC120, Fat Children: Sad, but not Our Business, Sean Gabb, 27th April 2004

FLC118, The War with Iraq: Nine Months After, Sean Gabb, 19th January 2004

Looking for Truth Among the Propaganda: Towards a Critical Reading of the Media, Sean Gabb, 12th January 2004

Read This and Stop Asking Me to Start a Blog, Sean Gabb, 12th January 2004

In Defence of the Right to Encourage Gross Fatness, Sean Gabb, 28th November 2003

Thoughtcrime and The Secret Policeman: A Case Study in Discourse Theory, Sean Gabb, 2nd November 2003

Not Socialism, but Post-Socialism: The Nature of the Enemy, Sean Gabb, 13th October 2003

An Afternoon with Tony Martin, Sean Gabb, 19th September 2003

FLC111, What is Happening in Dover? More Reason to Blame Tony Blair, Sean Gabb, 1st September 2003

“Nej till Euron” Fighting the Evil Empire in Another Province, Sean Gabb, 25th August 2003

The Joys of Bookbinding, Sean Gabb, 8th August 2003

FLC106, How Much Longer Must We Endure Tony Blair? Sean Gabb, 5th June 2003

FLC107, Farewell to the Lord Chancellor: A Brief Comment on the Continuing New Labour Revolution, Sean Gabb, 5th June 2003

On Being Uncertain: A Case for Scepticism, Sean Gabb, 28th May 2003

FLC104, On Ghosts and the Supernatural, Sean Gabb, 3rd May 2003

Will Tony Blair Resign If He Turns Out to Have Lied About The “Weapons of Mass Destruction”? Sean Gabb, 3rd May 2003

FLC101, The War: Won but not Over, Sean Gabb, 14th April 2003

FLC102, Why Criticising American Foreign Policy is not anti-Americanism, Sean Gabb, 28th April 2003

FLC101, The War: Won but not Over, Sean Gabb, 14th April 2003

FLC100, The Value of Education, Sean Gabb, 9th April 2003

Neville Chamberlain, Appeasement and the British Road to War, Sean Gabb, 9th April 2003

Why Tony Blair Must be Destroyed: A Conservative Case, Sean Gabb, 7th April 2003

Patriotism and the War: Two Weeks on, Sean Gabb 2nd April 2003

The Lessons of History, Sean Gabb, 22nd March 2003

FLC095, With Sorrow and with Anger, Sean Gabb, 20th March 2003

FLC094, Tony Blair: An Appreciation, 13th March 2003

FLC093, The New Geography of British Politics, 11th March 2003

The War and Domestic Politics: A Prayer for Boredom, 5th March 2003

FLC091, The Problem with the Conservative Party: A Brief Reply to Steve Davies, 28th February 2003

Washington and Brussels: Not Either or, Perhaps, but Both and, 4th February 2003

Should the Elgin Marbles be Returned to Athens? Sean Gabb, 30th January 2003

FLC087, Identity Cards: Some Brief Objections, 16th January 2003

FLC086, A Defence of Free Enterprise (3), 9th December 2002

FLC085, A Defence of Free Enterprise (2), 9th December 2002

FLC 084, In Defence of Free Enterprise (1), by Sean Gabb 9th December 2002

In Defence of the Monarchy, Sean Gabb, 9th December 2002

God, Margaret Thatcher and the Established Church, Sean Gabb, 5th December 2002

Does Promoting Diversity Cause Discrimination? Sean Gabb, 4th December 2002

FLC079, Sufficient unto the Day: New Labour and My Pension, Sean Gabb, 27th November 2002

Is there a Right in Ireland? Sean Gabb, 18th November 2002

FLC077, Record of Libertarian Alliance Conference, Sean Gabb, 15th November 2002

What is Wrong with Gay Adoption? 7th November 2002

The Conservatives: Will They Surprise Us?, 6th November 2002

The Conservatives: Do We Really Need Them? by Sean Gabb, 5th November 2002

FLC073, Saving the Kiddies, Enslaving Adults, Sean Gabb, 25th October 2002

In Praise of Edwina Currie? 30th September 2002

Why Britain Should not Join in the War against Iraq, 11th September 2002

FLC070, Late Published Thoughts on the American Bombings, 5th September 2002

Dennis O’Keeffe’s Inaugural Lecture at Buckingham University, 1st August 2002

FLC068, Return to Sanity? More on the Tory Recovery, 2nd July 2002

Why the Double Jeopardy Rule Should not be Changed, by Sean Gabb, 26th June 2002

Charles Moore, The Daily Telegraph, and the “Free Country” Campaign: The Quisling Right Still Rides, 6th May 2002

FLC065, Paris in the Springtime with a Fistful of Euros: A Record of the Libertarian International Spring Convention, Paris, 5-8th April 2002, 8th April 2002

FLC064, What to Do with Candidlist? 12th March 2002

The “Metric Martyrs” and the Constitution, 21st February 2002

FLC062, Further Thoughts on Iain Duncan Smith, 28th January 2002

FLC061, Time to Stop Being Beastly to the Tories? 28th January 2002

FLC060, Arguments Against British Membership of the Euro, 17th December 2001

A Case against the European Union, 17th December 2001

FLC058, “Uniting Europe without the Union” A Conference in Prague, Sean Gabb, 11th November 2001

What to Do about Israel, 19th October 2001

FLC056, Plain Thoughts on the Afghan War, 8th October 2001

Review of The Oxford Latin Course, 4th September 2001

FLC054, A Few Words on the Conservative Leadership Election, 27th August 2001

Review of Macaulay’s “History of England,” by Sean Gabb

Review of “Deep Citizenship,” 9th July 2001

The Daily Telegraph “Free Country” Campaign: More from the Quisling Right? 9th July 2001

FLC050, Inquest on a “Lost” Election, 15th June 2001

Four Dreams of a Better World than New Labour Has in Mind for Us, 18th May 2001

William Hague and the Race Relations Industry: A Few Words of Pity, 30th April 2001

How to Destroy the Enemy Class: A Manifesto for the Right, 22nd January 2001

FLC046, The American Election: An English Perspective, 8th November 2000

FLC045, One Year of the Candidlist: An Appraisal, 3rd November 2000

FLC043, Thoughts on the Fuel Crisis, and why it may be the Death Knell of the Conservative Party, 14th September 2000

FLC042, Thoughts on the DNA Database, 5th September 2000

FLC041, Jack Straw, Corruption and the New World Order, 25th July 2000

Double Jeopardy and the Conservative Party, 16th May 2000

FLC039, Reflections on the Current State of British Politics, 19th February 2000

My “Millennium” Diary, 1st January 2000

A Letter of Solicitation from the Rt Hon Michael Ancram QC MP, Chairman of the Conservatived Party, Edited with a Commentary by Sean Gabb, 24th September 1999

Sean Gabb, Brian Micklethwait, and the Debate over Libertarian Strategy, 23rd September 1999

FLC034, 24 Fairly Crowded Hours, 14th August 1999

George Stanton: First Martyr of the Anti-EU Movement, 12th June 1999

FLC032, Clare Short: La Pasionaria of the Serbian War, 4th June 1999

How not to Stop the London Bombings: In Defence of Liberal Democracy, 2nd May 1999

Peter Lilley and the Welfare State: Why the Tories may be Doomed after All, 21st April 1999

Thoughts on the Serbian War, 26th March 1999

Robert Henderson v Tony Blair: A Tale of New Britain, 20th February 1999

Nelson’s Second Death: The Gutting of the National Maritime Museum, 26th January 1999

FLC025, Reflections on the Pinochet Case, 30th December 1998

Hard Labour, Worthless Tories, 31st December 1998

Why the Hereditary Peers should Stay in the House of Lords, 25th November 1998

FLC023, From a Reluctant Supporter: An Open Letter to William Hague, 25th October 1998

FLC022, Thoughts on the New Geography of British Politics, 16th September 1998

FLC021, How and How not to Win the War of English Independence, 10th August 1998

Dr Pirie Has not Changed Trains (but Remains Waiting on the Platform), 7th July 1998

Dr Pirie Changes Trains (But Continues in the Same Direction), 3rd July 1998

Another 1400 Words Against Drug Prohibition, 10th May 1998

The Attack on the Motor Car, by Sean Gabb – 15th April 1998

Why Drinking and Driving Should not be a Crime: Version 2, Sean Gabb, 30th March 1998

Armed Men on the Streets of London, 9th March 1998

How to Get Rid of New Labour, and Why it will Probably not be Done, 28th February 1998

Review of “Starship Troopers”, 21st February 1998

“The People vs Jerry Sadowitz”: A Warning, 19th February 1998

FLC011, More on the British Encryption Ban, 16th February 1998

FLC010, Next Week’s British Encryption Ban, 10th February 1998

Another Rant against the Metric System, by Sean Gabb, 10th December 1997

Why Drinking and Driving should not be a Crime, Sean Gabb, 12th December 1997

FLC005, One Europe, One Union, One Faith? Comments on the Persecution of Scientologists in Europe, 27th October 1997

FLC004, They Were Stuffed: How not to Stand up for Guns in England, 5th October 1997

Two Books on the New World Order, 29th September 1997

FLC002, Why Libertarians should Sing “God Save the Queen”, 7th September 1997

Why the English Should Welcome Scottish Independence, 1st September 1997