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Chris Tame (1949-2006) was the Founder and Director of the Libertarian Alliance, and was the most prominent British libertarian of his age.

This book is a must-have for anyone interested in the background to the current referendum on British membership of the European Union. Its contents include:

  • I Introduction
  • II A Directory of the Principal European Union Institutions,
  • Pro-European Union and Euro-sceptic Organisations, Publications and Internet Resources and Other Relevant Information Sources
  • i: Pro-EU Organisations
  • ii: Euro-sceptic Organisations and Publications
  • iii: The Principal European Union Institutions in Britain
  • iv: The Headquarters of the Principal European Union Institutions
  • v: Other Relevant Information Sources
  • vi: Pro-EU Internet Resources
  • vii: Euro-Sceptic Internet Resources
  • III A Selected Annotated Euro-Sceptical Bibliography
  • IV A Chronology of the European Economic Community/European Union and Relevant European Events 1920-2002

This Directory is a gold-mine of indispensable information for any serious critic of the European Union and its supporters. It consists of 4 sections. A "Chronology of EEC/EU and Relevant European Events 1920-2002" provides a useful listing of those all-to-easy to forget dates of major events. The main "Directory" section provides an exhaustive list (with full addresses, phone, fax, email and website details) of the headquarters of the principal EU institutions, the main EU institutions in Britain, as well as of all the pro- and anti-EU organisations. Each entry includes a description of the groups drawn from their own words, and, in many cases, Chris' own critical (and frequently caustic) comments! This section of the Directory also contains a lengthy listing of all the think tanks and academic research institutes which, whilst not primarily concerned with the EU, have at some time published relevant studies or information. This list is also, in fact, an invaluable source for political activists seeking information on countless topics other than the EU.

The core section of the Directory, however, is the "Selected Annotated Euro-Sceptical Bibliography", a listing of hundreds of books, pamphlets, monographs and articles critical of the EU. Dr. Tame was the Freedom Association's first Research Director, and is famed for the breadth and depth of his academic interests and knowledge. That breadth and depth is demonstrated in this bibliography, which draws on an incredibly wide range of studies, including academic journals and areas of scholarship (such as trade theory and "public choice" economics) which, whilst not directly addressing the EU issue, provide perspectives or data essential to any objective analysis.

The bibliography is not simply a stark listing of titles, but includes quotations from many of the works included or brief descriptions by Chris himself. In itself it constitutes a broad critique of the EU and its rationale. Chris's "Introduction" to the volume also provides a noteworthy attack on the way in which Euro-sceptics have been stigmatised as jingoists, xenophobes and "people with funny ears"! It provides a telling and concise case for Britain's distinctive liberal and common law traditions against the more statist orientation of Europe in general and the EU in particular.

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