Free Life 18, May 1993, Sean Gabb Reviews a Book about Jewish Ritual Slaughter by Al Baron

From Free Life, Issue 18, May 1993
ISSN: 0260 5112

Shechita Barbaric?
Oy Vay! Have You seen the Spanish Method
of Cattle Slaughter?:
A Sideways Look at the Lunatic Fringe
Opposition to Kosher Meat
from the “Jew-Wise” to the “Animal Rights” Lobby

The I.T.M.A. Team
InfoText Manuscripts, London, 1993, 32pp., £2.99
(ISBN 1 871 47351 9)

I would commend this pamphlet on two grounds. First, it is so hilariously funny that I almost had a seizure on reading it. Second, it is a devastating attack on British national socialism.

this is an exotic, minority doctrine, with not the slightest chance of coming to power. There are many people who think otherwise. The Editor of this Journal, for example, believes that national socialism is the hegemonic doctrine of our age, and points to the influence enjoyed by the anti-smoking groups and the advocates of an “industrial strategy”. But this, I think, is to miss the point. There are many continuities here with the German national socialists, and much rhetorical advantage is to be gained by showing these. But there are many continuities between the German national socialists and authoritarians everywhere, if we look only at the fundamental attitudes of distrust of freedom and longing for an organic, unthinking collectivity. In common with most people, I am not thinking of these fundamental attitudes, but of actual opinions. And, thinking of the Jewish conspiracy theories and odd economics by which our national socialists at once distinguish themselves from all other current movements and assert their continuity with the ideals of Adolf Hitler and Alfred Rosenberg, I am right in calling them an exotic minority.

They are no less interesting for that, however, and this pamphlet goes far to satisfying that interest. It opens with a letter purportedly from Arnold Leese, a veterinary surgeon, to a vegetarian magazine, protesting about the cruel methods used in Jewish slaughterhouses. Readers are urged to write to the Chief Rabbi to record their own protests. 50 of them did so.

Now, Mr Leese died in 1956. Even so, he was an anti-semite of such commanding reputation that his name is still used to spread what remains the most potentially acceptable of anti-semitic doctrines in this country. Few people here seem to believe that the Jews kidnap and sacrifice gentile children. Only a few more believe that they own the banking system, or determine our foreign policy. Even fewer than those who believe seem to care. But cruelty to animals is another matter. That will always provoke outrage where proved. Thus the concentration on Jewish methods of slaughter.

The pamphlet describes the origins and growth of this campaign, showing the unbalanced argument on which it rests. Certainly, holding an animal’s head in a vice and then cutting its throat is a horrible thing to do. But the campaigners never tell us how equally horrible are the normal methods of slaughter. Nor do they mention how vastly more horrible are the methods of slaughter used in Spain, to name only one errant country in this respect. Nor do they acknowledge the important role played by Jewish philanthropists in setting up the animal welfare charities and in securing what few statutory protections animals enjoy. If this last is ever admitted, it is only to show how cunning the Jews are to have bought off the opposition so long before it emerged.

These issues – and others that I do not mention – are all discussed with a proper scholarly seriousness. Indeed, the author probably knows more about these aspects of anti-semitism than most anti-semites. There are 69 endnotes, and every work used is given its full citation. This makes the pamphlet a good starting point for anyone who wishes to study the history and doctrines of British national socialism. For anyone who wants a brief but authoritative overview of the subject, it is simply the best place to look.

Howard Perkins (Sean Gabb)

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