Free Life 32, July 1999, Editorial: The Water will Close over our Heads, by Sean Gabb

From Free Life, Issue 32, July 1999
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Editorial: The Water Will Close Over Our Heads
by Sean Gabb

It would have been nice for once to write a triumphant Editorial.  After all, three UK Independence Party Members were returned in the European elections last month, and the shock of this has led Mr Blair to think twice about abolishing the Pound.  But on a fuller view of events, this is no time for rejoicing.  What the European elections showed above all is that the Conservatives are in no danger of being replaced as our main opposition party.  Yet the Eddisbury bye-election of last week showed equally well that they are still in no position even to hope for victory in the next general election.  We are therefore stuck far into the future with Tony Blair and New Labour.

It is inappropriate to say that Mr Blair is the bad head of a bad government.  That invites comparisons with past governments, and assumes that he will be followed by other Prime Ministers who may be better or worse judged by the standards of a stable constitutional system.  He should be seen much rather as the director of a revolution.  There is no precedent in our history for what he is doing – the nearest I can find is in the reign of Charles I after 1629.  What he is doing is to establish what may be called Fascism with a Human Face.  Its beneficiaries will be a coalition of big business interests, bureaucrats, and lying intellectuals.  Power and privilege will be hidden behind a facade of liberal democracy.  There will be elections, and there will be markets.  But the elections will not allow more than a formal calling to account, and the markets will be regulated in ways that determine the outcome of competition.

This is the purpose of the changes now taking place around us.  For the alleged sake of a "war" against crimes that were created by earlier bad laws, our ancient liberties are being abolished one after the other.  Trial by Jury has nearly gone.  Forfeiture of property without trial is being smuggled into law.  Imprisonment for life on the word of a Minister is being proposed.  We are spied on in the street and on the roads.  Our homes are not safe from hidden surveillance cameras.  We have tax laws and "consumer protection" laws that allow officials to destroy any self-employed person they or their allies come to dislike.  We have been disarmed – not to prevent us from harming each other – but to make us look to the authorities for protection of what little life and property they allow us to keep.  We have a "war" against racism that has already matched the Inquisitions of the past in its ferocity of language, and that is being used to destroy freedom of speech and association.

At the same time, our historic institutions are under attack.  The language of the law has been changed, so that only antiquarians will soon be able to understand an old judgment.  The House of Lords is being effectively abolished.  The Monarchy is being encouraged to commit suicide.  Scotland and Wales have been fitted out with synthetic institutions to express a synthetic national identity.  England has been broken up into regions, and synthetic regional identities are being imposed on children in the schools.  What little national identity of the old kind can survive this process is being attacked by our increasing absorption into the European Union.  None of this formal transfer of powers weakens the real power of the new fascist establishment – which has its counterparts in all the other EU countries – but it does confuse and disturb any opposition.  Everything that may connect the minds of the present generation to a more liberal past – the recollection of which may encourage resistance to modern despotism – is being systematically destroyed.

Opposing this we have a Conservative Party led by William Hague.  Neither he nor anyone else in the Shadow Cabinet seems to understand what is happening.  Indeed, while these people were in government, they allowed the present revolution to begin – it is not something that started in May 1997, but was gathering pace all through the 1980s.  To some extent, they even began the revolution, with their assault on freedom and their European policy.  Nor is there reason to think that a Conservative Government somehow elected two years from now would so much as slow what is happening.  William Hague will not consider relegalising drugs, and supported Mr Blair's war of military aggression in the Balkans.  Anne Widdecombe thinks identity cards are a good idea, and wants to ban fox hunting.  Sir George Young is a confirmed health fascist who even in opposition has managed to regulate the London taxi market in favour of its largest interests.  The others are equally bad.

No wonder so few electors are inclined to vote these people back into office.  But enough electors retain the habit of voting for them to prevent any alternative opposition from emerging.  Given time, an alternative would emerge.  The problem is that we have no time.  Already, the destructive achievements of the revolution cannot be reversed.  Its positive agenda will be complete before 2010.

And so it seems that we have lost for the moment.  The water will close over our heads.  The United Kingdom is going.  England will go.  The freedom and glory of our civilisation will be extinguished.  All we can do now is to make sure – as the few genuine dissidents of the Soviet Empire tried to do and variously succeeded in doing – that the new order of things will never hold undisputed sway over the English mind, and that eventually it may be replaced.  Pravda vítězí.

Sean Gabb

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