Gramophone Records – Popular

These records were played on an HMV Model 109 acoustic gramophone from about 1927, and remastered with a Blue Yeti microphone and Audacity. This is to say that the sound was produced from the record by a steel needle vibrating against a mica diaphragm. The vibrations were then amplified by an exponential horn. The turntable was driven by clockwork. Except for the remastering on my computer, no electricity was used.

I applied no software processing. The idea of this project is not to try to make recordings from the past sound modern, or to bring out everything that may be on the record. The idea is instead to show how the record sounded in its own day when played on reasonably good equipment. There are few people left who have experienced this.

The record details are in the title and on the label.

NB – The sound box was restored to its original state by John Sleep – for all gramophone sales and repairs.

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