Keith Preston Reviews Freedom of Speech in England

Libertarians can perform no greater service to freedom and humanity than by coming to the defense of the indefensible. The greatest victories for liberty have been won by those who would champion the rights of the outcast and despised rather than the popular or sympathetic. Tyrants seek to strengthen their position as oppressors by means of attacking those who are commonly feared and hated.
In this volume, Dr. Sean Gabb heroically speaks out against appalling violations of liberty that take place in modern day England. In past eras, authoritarian rulers and censors who would seek to destroy liberty did so in the name of protecting society from religious heretics.
In the modern world, the authoritarians and censors have not gone away. They have simply reinvented themselves as righteous crusaders against pornography or racism. Dr. Gabb’s book brilliantly exposes the contemporary Inquisition for what it is.
(Keith Preston, July 2013)

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