Kevin Reviews The Churchill Memorandum

A Highly Provocative and Totally Engrossing Alternative History Novel

The Churchill Memorandum is a very well-written and sophisticated alternative history novel with an intriguing premise. Like any alternative history, this book is founded on a what-if. In this case – what if Hitler died early and the Second World War never happened? The author’s answer to that question is both unexpected and provocative. It is also multifaceted – technological progress, economic development, political and social evolution, personal careers, etc. In this alternative timeline, obscure men and women from our own timeline rise to levels of greatness (or ignominy). Would-be great powers grow corrupt and stagnate instead, while second-rate powers rise to greatness. Some tyrannies crumble while others take root. One area of technology advances far more rapidly than in our own timeline, while other technologies seem primitive by our standards.

What makes this particular take so interesting is that nothing is left to randomness. There are reasons, persuasive reasons, why each deviation from our own reality occurs and why it takes the shape it does. The results are thought-provoking. Some deviations are certainly tantalizing – hundreds of millions of lives are spared, to name one. Other deviations are far less desirable – America’s descent into a fascistic police state, for example.

This narrative will both delight and outrage the reader at different points, just as real history does. That is what makes this alternative history so compelling. As different as this alternative world is from our own, it still feels very plausible. And what’s more, it is familiar enough that the reader cannot help but to feel the stakes involved in the intrigue and to be affected by the positive and negative outcomes for people and nations we know and to which we feel attachment.

The result is a totally engrossing and very entertaining experience for anyone who gives it a read.

Published on Amazon on the 6th March 2018

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