Lenovo Ideapad 310-15ISK 15.6″

I bought this Lenovo Ideapad year ago in a John Lewis sale. I bought it because I was feeling rich at the time, and because the Samsung I bought in 2012 seemed to be wearing out. Well, the Samsung is now among my daughter’s treasured possessions, and I wish I hadn’t splashed out all that money.

Here is what I find good about the computer:

  • The high-resolution monitor comes in handy. It gives me a large desktop;
  • Sound and video are both very good;
  • 8Gb RAM is more than I really need – but I’m sure it helps when cooking video files;
  • 2TB HD is definitely more than I need, and I’ve replaced it with a 500GB SSD;
  • Battery life is OK.

Here is what I find bad about the computer:

  • The keyboard has a non-standard layout, and the right-hand shift key is still a bitch to hit when touch-typing – a year on;
  • The keyboard was defective, and had to be replaced at once;
  • The cooling fan is on its way out after just one year;
  • You have to take it apart to get at the battery.

Because I have it, I have it. I’ve written three book on it. I don’t plan to replace it in a hurry. Mind you, I still wish I hadn’t bought it. I should have kept the Samsung and bought a cheapie for my daughter….

Review published on Amazon on the 10th March 2018

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