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The Churchill Memorandum by Sean Gabb is a thriller set in an alternative timeline to our own. The major difference that Sean explores, is what would happen to the United Kingdom if World War 2 had been avoided by something as simple as Hitler’s vehicle crashing. The differences that have occurred as a result of this is what makes this alternative timeline so striking, and as a result of this, it will certainly appeal to any libertarian simply because of the differences that are explored. The pound sterling has not been inflated, so the pound is still worth a pound; there is still some semblance of a free market, and there is none of that ridiculous political correctness.

As for the story, it gets in to the action fairly early in the book, and the story is very good at creating suspense throughout. The choice of villains in this book are very interesting, and the story uses real characters to show the more traitorous among the various communists and politicians who were around during the time period that the book is set in. The main character, Anthony Markham, is very interesting, and his development throughout the book is well done. My only criticism of the story, is that Sean could have gone in to more detail around the background of some of the organisations that come up during the story, as some readers may know very little about the people behind them, so covering them more could have given the story a slightly stronger background. However, this didn’t ruin the story in the slightest, and it will no doubt be a very enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys a good thriller; particularly so if you lived through the time period that the book is set in, which isn’t something that I have done.

I highly recommend this book to libertarians and conservatives alike, as both will find themes in this book that they will enjoy. However, you’d best avoid this book if you are a fan of political correctness, as Dr Gabb uses the theme of anti-pc frequently in this book, which I found to be highly refreshing compared to the works of most authors. The Churchill Memorandum will only set you back by about £10, and even less if you own a Kindle, so this is a definite must buy if the themes that this review has explored excite you. I am already looking forward to reading another of Dr Gabb’s books in the near future, and I hope you enjoy The Churchill Memorandum as much as I have.

Published on Libertarian Musings on 2nd June 2014

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