Neither Brussels nor Washington, reviewed by an Amazon Customer

Essential Reading for Politically Minded Britons. 30 July 2016

This work is essential reading for British Libertarians, or anyone willing to examine British politics of the last 30 or so years from a different perspective. The author has a frank and honest approach and confirms his own biases at the outset, he also mentions his own shortcomings, errors or changes of opinion; even including another writers rebuttal to some of his more inflammatory statements about Americans.

The book is a collection of articles previously published by Dr. Gabb, and at first I was upset to see that it had not been formed into a single cohesive work, as he mentions it does contain some repetition, however by the time I had finished it (I read it cover to cover over several days) I realized that presented in the way it was, it shows a progression of feeling, thought and reflection on events as they unfolded, along with reference to mainstream perceptions of the time. In many senses this is one of the best ways to consider political history, with the emotion, rhetoric and experiences as they unfold.

This book is not intended to be a Rothbardian attack on the state, or a Misean dialectic discussion of principles. It is Libertarian and at times verges on Conservative. It is the thoughts of one man, an intelligent and educated man, who has suffered the painful knowledge of what actions the State performs in the name of all British Citizens, while many of his fellow countrymen continued on, unaware of the predicament that to this day increasingly surrounds them.

Many ideas were familiar to me, some were new. Yet even the re-visited ideas received new light because a few days before I just finished “Lord Milner’s Second War” by Mr John P. Cafferky and in many ways the two are congruent. Neither Brussels Nor Washington could also be seen as a companion guide to the drivel published by mainstream political press, drawing out the salient facts and putting things in perspective of Britain’s long history.

Addendum: You will not want to read this book if you are a fan of Tony Blair, or his period in office as he is fully taken to account for his many misdeeds. That said… if you are a fan of Tony Blair, or Tony Blair himself, then this is perhaps the book you most need to read.

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