Neither Washington nor Brussels – Description

“The British Government is little more than a branch of the Pentagon”

So argues Sean Gabb in this controversial and stimulating book. He calls for a British foreign policy that is completely independent of both the European Union and the United States. He believes in particular that the British reliance, since 1940, on American support is both humiliating and dangerous. It has been one of the main causes for the growth of a police state, and has involved his country in a series of disastrous wars in the Islamic world.

While aware of the challenges presented by European Integration, Gabb argues that the American Empire is an “existential threat” to Britain, and hopes for the decline and fall of that empire. Speaking for the world in general, he says:

“We need to look forward to a world of renewed diversity, in which hundreds—or perhaps thousands—of nation states and other groupings can work out their destiny in ways consistent with their moral capacity and historic circumstances. This is not possible when American-backed death squads and remote control weapons of murder can be sent anywhere at the press of a button.”

This book is an open challenge to anyone who believes in a “special relationship” between Britain and America, or that American power is a force for good in international affairs.


General Introduction (2016)

  • The Failure of British Foreign Policy
  • Thoughts on the European Union
  • America: I
  • America: II

A Critical Introduction by Daniel P. Mulroney

  • A Light from the East
  • The Rhetoric of Notoriety
  • A Libertarian Conservative or Conservative Libertarian?
  • A Faulty View of Foreign Policy
  • A Dead England or a Live Anglosphere?

Preface to the First Edition

  • Primary and Secondary Interest
  • Morality and Foreign Policy
  • The Coming Realism
  • A Word on Composition

Preface to the Second Edition

  • Failure Apparent
  • A Note on the Second Edition
  • A Tribute to Chris R. Tame

Thoughts on the Serbian War

Clare Short: La Pasionaria of the Serbian War

Neville Chamberlain, Appeasement and the British Road to War Frank McDonagh

  • A Sneer across the Decades
  • War and Recovery
  • The Achievements of the “Second Eleven”
  • Was Hitler a Threat?
  • Russia Defeated, Britain Next?
  • The Argument from Atrocity
  • Hitler: No Clear and Present Danger to Us
  • Chamberlain, Churchill and the Liquidation of England

Late Published Thoughts on the American Bombings

  • Villa Aptera, Saturday, 15th September 2001
  • The Price of Empire
  • The Fragility of the Pax Americana
  • The Future of Israel
  • Advice and a Brief Prediction

Plain Thoughts on the Afghan War

  • The Rationality of the World Trade Centre Bombings
  • A Rational Response
  • A Just Afghan War?
  • Collateral Benefits of the War?
  • Problems with Rational Analysis of Foreign Policy
  • A Return to Balance of Power Relationships

What to do about Israel

  • The Virtues of a Selfish Foreign Policy
  • Apparent Exceptions
  • A Place for Israel
  • Rebalancing American Support
  • Realism or “Appeasement”?

Why Britain Should not Join in the War against Iraq

  • War and the National Interest
  • The Analysis of Interest
  • The Benefits of Cold Analysis
  • War with Iraq—in British Interests?

Weapons of Mass Destruction?

A War for Oil?

A War against Terror?

Keeping in with the Americans?

Washington and Brussels: Not Either or, Perhaps, but Both and

  • Postscript and Reply to Criticisms (14th February 2003)
  • No British Interest in War
  • The Politics of Lies
  • No Value in Supporting America
  • No Need for Lies
  • No to the “Special Relationship“
  • An Immoral War

The War and Domestic Politics: A Prayer for Boredom

  • Tony Blair and the Price of Victory
  • Murderous Vanity
  • Defeat: In the National Interest
  • An Expensive Victory
  • An Impossible Victory
  • Consequences at Home
  • Dulce et Decorum est pro Patria Mori?
  • Nothing as the Best Option

Tony Blair: An Appreciation

  • A Successful Foreign Policy!
  • The Beginning of the End?
  • With Sorrow and with Anger
  • The Traitor in Downing Street

The Lessons of History

  • The Dystopians Falsified
  • The Progress of the War
  • The Fragility of Civilisation
  • A Fatal Weakness
  • A Time for Justice

Patriotism and the War: Two Weeks On

  • Patriotic Duty
  • What to Do with Tony Blair?
  • Peace Now?
  • After the War is Over

Why Tony Blair Must be Destroyed:  A Conservative Case

  • The Quisling Right
  • The Forces of Destruction
  • The Attack on Custom
  • Not a Conservative
  • Why He Must be Destroyed

The War: Won but not Over

  • Main Principles Restated
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction?
  • Liberal Imperialism
  • Keeping in With the Americans
  • Friends of Humanity?

Why Criticising American Foreign Policy is not Anti-Americanism

  • A Candid View of American Culture
  • The Meaning of National Greatness

Will Tony Blair Resign If He Turns Out to Have Lied About The “Weapons of Mass Destruction?

  • No Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Excuses not Justifications
  • Has Mr Blair Outlived His Usefulness?

How Much Longer Must We Endure Tony Blair?

  • Mr Blair in Trouble
  • His Supporters Abandon Him
  • A Fatal Wound

The War with Iraq: Nine Months After

  • Saddam Hussein: A Threat to Britain?
  • A Duty to Intervene?
  • The American Alliance
  • The Limits of American Power
  • A Better Way with the Americans
  • The Clash of Civilisations
  • A Strategic Error on all Assumptions
  • I Was Right

Iraq: I Wish I Had Been Wrong

  • To Disaster on a Rickshaw of Lies
  • American Intelligence
  • The “Challenge” of Islam
  • Our Own Rulers are the Enemy
  • Time to Withdraw
  • No More American Entanglements

Washington and Brussels:  Apology, Retraction, Clarification

  • A Torrent of Illiterate Abuse
  • Europe: The Lesser Evil?
  • Europe: An Enabler of Domestic Tyranny
  • A Disordered Constitution
  • Divide and Rule
  • Neither Brussels nor Washington

Looking for Truth among the Propaganda: Towards a Critical Reading of the Media

  • A Personal Awakening: Bratislava
  • A Personal Awakening: The Debate on Guns
  • Check for Yourself
  • Spot the Agenda
  • Who is Making the Claim?
  • Damn Lies and Statistics
  • Statistics as Propaganda
  • The Obesity “Epidemic”
  • Hunt the Inherent Absurdity
  • “Slavery” in Sudan
  • Applied Analysis: The War with Iraq
  • Absurd and Worthless Journalism
  • Lies Need Genius: For All Else, Common Sense will Do

Georgia: Another Neocon Farce?

In Defence of the British Empire

Military Intervention in Libya: The Errors of Muscular Libertarianism

Bravely Bombing the Boche:  On the Morality of Killing Civilians in Time of War

Should David Cameron Apologise for Amritsar?

National Sovereignty or EU Membership:  Which is the Least Bad Option?

The EU Referendum: Wake Me after the Defeat (May 2015)

Thoughts on the European Referendum:  A Personal Attempt at Clarity (2016)

Viva Obama! A View from the English Right

The European Right: A Speech Given in Washington

  • Russia: A False Hope
  • The British Tradition: Liberalism
  • America: The Great Satan
  • The American Synthesis of Puritanism and Cultural Marxism
  • In Praise of American Decline

Death to America? (2016)

Enoch Powell: The Man and his Politics Speech to the Conference of the Property and Freedom Society Bodrum, Saturday, 13th September 2014

  • Powell before Politics
  • The Transition to World Empire
  • The Recessional
  • The Long Delusion
  • Powell and America
  • Powell and Immigration

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