Nextbase 212 Lite 1080p Full HD DVR Dashboard Digital Driving Video Recorder

I bought this Nextbase 212 Lite 1080p Full HD DVR Dashboard Digital Driving Video Recorder via Amazon on Friday the 9th March 2018. It arrived on Sunday the 11th. Some reviewers have complained about non-intuitive controls. My advice to them is to read the manual, which is 36 pages and wholly informative.

I charged its battery and put it in the car and took it for a five minute test drive around Deal in Kent. You can see the results for yourself. It makes for a less than gripping view. On the other hand, its job is to film everything visible through the windscreen for possible use in the event of something untoward. It does this job, in my so far limited view, perfectly well.

You can see a certain bounciness from how the base is fitted to the inside of the windscreen. I suspect this is something I can reduce by trial and error. But, as said, the function is not to produce entertainment, but a record of all that happens on a journey. Five minutes doesn’t let me say more than the video shows already – which is that I have reason to feel much safer in potential insurance matters than I did before in going about my business.

Therefore, I recommend the product.

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