Radical Coup: A Case for Reaction – Description

Radical Coup:
A Case for Reaction

Sean Gabb
(Foreword by Hans-Hermann Hoppe)
Hampden Press, Deal, 2018, 303pp
ISBN-13: 978-1721130672

From the Foreword by Hans-Hermann Hoppe:

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Gabb provides detailed analyses of many issues currently hotly debated both in and outside of libertarian circles all across the Western world, and assesses their role and impetus in the process of social change. Thus, the reader will find many valuable, historically informed insights regarding the issues of “free” (mass) immigration vs. controlled borders, multiculturalism vs. cultural homogeneity, secession vs. centralization, of left-libertarianism and the new, Alternative Right, and of Christian and Islamic culture.

Most importantly especially for libertarians and, as I should confess, much in line with what I have tried to accomplish for quite some time with my own writings, in reaction to the diagnosed disease—the Radical Coup—Gabb proposes a detailed, equally radical cure—his Case for Reaction—that envisions a programmatic alignment of traditional conservatism and libertarianism with the common goal of restoring a bourgeois society as the highest achievement of Western civilization.

This book is an update of Gabb’s Cultural Revolution, Culture War, first published in 2007 to general acclaim by conservatives, libertarians, nationalists and anarchists. This is the book that introduced the concepts of Cultural Marxism and Frankfurt School subversion to the English Right, single-handedly, and within a few weeks, transforming the language of analysis and action on the British political right.

The present volume contains the whole original text of Cultural Revolution, Culture War, but now includes a set of further examinations that extend and adapt the analysis, plus an Introduction that summarises Gabb’s analysis of what has happened in England and of the steps that need to be taken if English Civilisation is to be restored to health.

Briefly put, his central thesis is that the British ruling class has, since at least 1997, turned itself into a totalitarian conspiracy, at war both with liberty and with tradition. It fights this war through the conventional means of state power and state propaganda, but also through its achievement of cultural hegemony. Controlling a single plot line of Eastenders is more important than a thousand editorials in The Guardian. Gabb advances this argument by taking the insights of the neo-Marxists—for example, Antonio GramsciLouis AlthusserMichel Foucault, and others, and turning these on an Establishment that is now founded on them.

Turning from diagnosis to cure, the only response for non-leftists is to settle their differences, and then to seize control of the State and to shut most of it down. The present ruling class all sucks from the nipple of the State. Stop the flow of milk, and the ruling class will collapse. Once this is done, Gabb sets out a challenging agenda of libertarian minimal statism—for all the usual libertarian reasons, but also because that is the only option at present for conservatives and the various kinds of nationalist.

This book is key to any understanding of rightist discourse in modern England. It is a must-read for activists of all persuasions, for political scientists who want to understand “the Right” as seen by one of its insiders, and for anyone who wants to understand the world in order to change it.

From the Reviews:

Sean Gabb’s case is that England has been taken over by a new ruling class, one that it totalitarian in its ambitions, in that it seeks to direct our thinking in every aspect of our culture. Not content with political power – indeed, its influence is more powerful and pervasive than that of government, it wants to mould our behaviour and even our thought to its own norms. Madsen Pirie (neo-liberal)

What comes to mind, as I read Sean’s jeremiad is how silly American movement conservatives are when they glorify the “Anglosphere” and celebrate “our two countries” as paradigmatic “capitalist democracies.” Today’s England is a moral-social basket case, full of violent crime, outrageous state-enforcement of political correctness, and protected Muslim extremists. Paul Gottfried (conservative)

But the remarkable fact is not our disagreement on cultural matters, but that I concur with so much of his analysis of the effect of “political correctness” and multiculturalism as ruling class ideologies. Like Gabb, I see official multiculturalism in the hands of the New Class and its state agencies as an instrument of division and control, serving a ruling class that prefers a population without the cohesion to resist. Kevin Carson (left-anarchist)

His new book is not the run-of-the-mill attack on political correctness that many writers indulge in; he does not merely recycle tabloid headlines, but goes deep into the heart of the political revolution known as “political correctness” that is destroying our country. He then outlines his manifesto for counter-revolution, the cornerstone of which is unilateral withdrawal from the European Union. The ground is covered in 105 pages with not a word wasted and in a style that is extremely readable as well as enlightening, a rare quality in an academic. His words hit the target as effectively as an English bowman on St Crispin’s Day. Be warned, Dr Gabb pulls no punches and to many his medicine will seem extreme.A Brief Encounter (conservative)

© 2018, seangabb.

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