Red and White Stripes Reviews Cultural Revolution, Culture War

Review by Red and White Stripes
10th August 2008

 On Friday, whilst searching for a different file on my laptop, I discovered a PDF of a book called :”Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back” by Sean Gabb.

I had no recollection of seeing the download, the book or the author but I’m very glad I discovered it.

Sean Gabb is apparently leader of the UK Libertarian Alliance and a true conservative. The book is short and highly readable and Gabb astutely dissects a very clever form of thought control, cultural conditioning and creeping normalcy used by the UK government. By analysing usage of Orwellian terminology such as “Far right” (Thereby allowing the media to label anyone as “right wing” as being measurably close to the evils of Hitler), “progressive” and “modernisation” , Gabb demonstrates a rule that’s importance had been lost on me ever since I learnt it in A-Level psychology: the vocabulary available to us affects and conditions the thoughts available to us.

Another area where Gabb and I agree – though Gabb is far more articulate – is the attack on one of the most exploited, ambiguous, demonised and overused words in the English language: “racist”. As Gabb points out, a ‘racist’ can be a doctor who conducts a scientific test that shows Hispanics have a higher IQ than Asians, it can mean a difference of values between two groups of people or simply a preference for one’s own people and values.

I detest the word ‘racism’ and so does Gabb, apparently. (Genuine hostility, harm or maltreatment of somebody based purely on their race is racial discrimination).

Gabb has a range of books, articles and media clips available on his web site including the aforementioned book utterly free of charge. If you like it, please send him a donation. I sent a tenner myself, a bargain for the books on offer. There are few academics who take a stand against the nonsense pervading our society in this day and age, but Gabb seems to be one of the brave ones.

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