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One day – ie, never – I will incorporate all these media files into my website. Until then, here is everything until March 2011, after which files are incorporated. They are mostly in much reduced mp3 format, and I regret that I may no longer have the larger originals. Ho hum!

DateProgrammeSubject and LinkContributorComments
09/03/2011 BBC Radio LeedsIs it right for local authorities to license lap dancing clubs?Sean GabbSean say no!
07/03/2011Iain Dale Show on LBCAre they any limits to freedom of speech?Sean GabbSean says no, there are no limits. People should be at liberty to say whatever they please about public issues, no matter how offensive it may be to others.
17/02/2011Iain Dale Show on LBCIs ticket touting immoral?Sean GabbSean says it is not wrong. He also insists that the main difference between a ticket tout and City bankers is that when the former buys tickets he can’t resell, he doesn’t go sobbing to the Government and get the national debt tripled to cover his losses!
09/02/2011 BBC Radio LeedsIs Global Warming a myth?Sean GabbSean does over some greenie from the University of York.
14/09/2010 BBC Radio Berkshire, The Andrew Peach Show Should smoking be banned in the grounds of National Health Service Hospitals?Sean GabbA more sober performance than the previous evening.
13/09/2010 BBC Radio 5, late night discussionShould smoking be banned in the grounds of National Health Service Hospitals?Sean GabbSeveral NHS Trusts have been forced by the fact of mass-disobedience to permit smoking again outside their hospitals. Sean goes on against a very stupid health fascist and walks all over her.
03/08/2010Speech to INESS, Bratislava.The Path to Ideological Hegemony Lies Through Domination of Popular CultureSean GabbA jolly meeting, followed by a jollier dinner.
07/05/2010Jonathan Vernon-Smith Show on BBC Radio Three CountiesShould voting be made compulsory?Sean GabbSean makes the standard point – that the voters have gone on strike with good reason, and that not voting is in itself a vote of no confidence in a deeply corrupt system.
17/03/2010Speech to the Politics Society of The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School Brief Introduction to LibertarianismSean GabbThe speech is what the title says it is.
07/03/2010BBC 1 TV, “The Big Question“, Presenter: Nicky CampbellShould voting be made compulsory?Sean GabbSean makes the standard point – that the voters have gone on strike with good reason, and that not voting is in itself a vote of no confidence in a deeply corrupt system.
16/11/2009 BBC Radio LeedsShould a politician’s adultery disqualify her from public office?Sean GabbNo, says Sean – unless her adultery involved deception.
04/10/2009Sunday Morning, BBC1Should people have the right to commit suicide?Sean GabbSean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, appears on this BBC1 Sunday morning programme to argue for the right to people to be left alone if they want to commit suicide.
29/07/2009Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS), Bratislava, Slovak RepubllicWhat is the Ruling Class?Sean GabbThis speech was given in Bratislava on the 29th July 2009 by Sean Gabb, Director of the libertarian Alliance. The organisation to which he spoke is the Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS)
24/05/2009The Fourth Conference of the Property and Freedom Society, May 2009 What is the Ruling Class?Sean GabbSean says nothing new, but says it briefly.
22/02/2009The Marlborough Group Conservatism v ConstitutionSean GabbSean Gabb explains that the British Government is not breaking the law or the constitution in its revolutionary attacks on freedom. Everything that it does is legal. Therefore, the law and Constitution are to be rejected by conservatives in favour of the goods that alone make any laws or constitution legitimate.
12/02/2009 BBC Radio WalesWas it right for the British Government not to admit Geert Wilders to show his anti-Islam film?Sean GabbSean tells an Islamic woman barrister to go and life in Pakistan if she wants to live in a country where Islam is protected. As a woman lawyer, she might get the occasional bucket of acid in her face. But her faith will be repcted.
04/02/2009 BBC Radio Three CountiesWas the BBC right to sack Carol Thatcher?Sean GabbSean Says no. Jo Brand was investigated by the police for inciting violence on BBC 1 against her political opponents. Carol Thatcher used a word. But, then, Jo Brand is part of the New Labour Establishment. Carol Thatcher is the daughter of a Prime Minister who still makes the ruling class shudder.
03/12/2008 Talk Sport RadioWhat is the worst feature of this year’s Speech from the Throne?Sean GabbSean complains about the proposed law to allow the authorities to force us to provide identification on demand.
19/11/2008 BBC Radio 4, – the PM ProgrammeShould Members of the BNP be banned from bring teachers and policemen?Sean Gabb, Lord LesterSean calls the actual and proposed bans “unfair in themselves and setting an ugly precedent”.
15/10/2008 Talk Sport Radio The Database StateSean Gabb and George GallowayWe are all being watched by the authorities. Those who have no objection to this deserve to live in a police state.
28/07/2008BBC Radio Ulster Border Controls between Ulster and the Rest of the United KingdomSean GabbSean debates with an Ulster Unionist, who sees nothing wrong with making people show passports before moving between Ulster and the mainland. He is obsessed with the idea of giving the Government whatever it wants in order to fight terrorism. The wolfish smile on Gerry Adams’ face has not registered in his third rate mind.
24/06/2008 BBC Radio 5, Richard Bacon ShowShould voting be compulsory?Simon Hughes MP, Sean GabbSean rips into the Liberal Democrats for talking about the need to repair British democracy, while cooperating with the Government’s scandalous breach of promise over a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The programme is otherwise notable for being the first media appearance of Philippa Gabb at the age of six months and three weeks.
21/06/2008Jim and Sue Thornton, Libertarian Garden Party, NottinghamshireWhy Conservatives should be LibertariansJim Thornton, Sean GabbA summer party (in the rain) – video file
12/06/2008 Talk Sport RadioThe Resignation of David Davis over the 42 Detention VoteGeraldine Smith MP (Lab), Sean GabbSean says on air he cannot decide whether to laugh at Mrs Smith or vomit on her.
May 2008 Property and Freedom SocietyInterview with Robert GroezingerSean Gabb, Robert GroezingerAn interview conducted in May 2008 at the fourth annual conference of the Property and Freedom Society at the Hotel Karia Princess in Bodrum, Turkey.
07/05/2008 BBC Radio 5 Should alcohol be banned on the London Underground? Sean GabbBoris Johnson, as Mayor of London, wants to ban drink on all public transport in the capital. Sean goes on against Iain Dale, and accuses the Tories of being already back in Michael Howard mode even before winning the general election. He makes the very obvious point six times, that being drunk and disorderly in public is already an offence. Nobody wants to listen, however….
06/05/2008 BBC Radio Wales Are CCTV Cameras a waste of the taxpayers’ money?Sean GabbSean argues that they are.
28/04/2008Peterhouse Politics Society, Cambridge How to Win the Argument for LibertarianismSean GabbA very grand occasion – preceded by dinner beside the Dean and grace in Latin. Here, you can find just Sean’s speech. Because of the rules of the Politics Society, the hour of questions and comments was recorded, but will not be published.
27/04/2008 BBC Radio 5 Should big salaries be capped?Sean GabbSean goes on against some adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury, who calls in a lefty whine for theft in the name of Christ. When Sean suggests that no one in the public sector should earn more than the national average, the man is horrified. Sean calls him a communist in a black frock, and says to him: “The difference between you and the Marxist-Leninists is that they knew a little about economics, and you know nothing.”
14/04/2008Libertarian Alliance MeetingIslam: Our Enemy?Sean GabbA fair performance
13/04/2008BBC1 TV, The Politics Show Government Policy on ObesitySean GabbIt took two and a half hours to film 30 seconds of comment!
03/04/2008 BBC Radio 5 Phil Williams ShowWhether CCTV cameras are a good ideaSean Gabb, John DwyerSean says No!
11/02/2008 BBC Radio Three CountiesWhether there is still freedom of speech in EnglandSean GabbThis is brought on by the fuss raised by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Sean has nothing much to say about the main issue, but does his usual piece about the decay of liberalism.
09/02/2008 Talk Sport Radio Whether Members of Parliament should be exempt from security service surveillanceSean Gabb, George Galloway MPSean says that decent people have regarded “1984” as a terrible warning: New Labour regards it as an instruction manual.
07/02/2008 No2ID Arguments Against Identity CardsSean Gabb, Guy HerbertA discussion of the perils of the Government’s identity card scheme, held in Notting Hill with an open audience.
04/02/2008The Botsford Archive Voices of LibertyVariousIn and around 1991, David Botsford recorded a series of interviews with people in and opposed to the British libertarian movement. Here is the unedited footage.
14/01/2008 BBC Radio Three CountiesShould there be presumed consent for organ donations?Sean GabbSean says no! This broadcast is prompted by a news release sent out earlier in the day. Not a wonderful debate, but worth the effort of taking the call.
14/12/2007 BBC Radio LancashireShould Drinking and Driving be a Crime?Sean GabbSean says no!
12/12/2007Putney DebateContribution to the 20th Anniversary meetingSean GabbThe Putney Debates began in December 1987, and were supposed to end here. however, they were brought back within a few weeks by popular demand!
11/12/2007 BBC Radio Oxford – Bill Heine ShowShould the police be allowed to go on strike?Sean GabbThis is prompted by the LA News Release of the 10th December.
11/12/2007 BBC Radio Three CountiesShould the police be allowed to go on strike?Sean GabbThis is prompted by the LA News Release of the 10th December.
10/12/2007 BBC Radio Manchester, Drivetime with Mark EdwardsonShould the old be given cash benefits or “free” bus passes etc?Sean Gabb, Ivan Lewis MP – Minister of Pensions or somesuch.For the first time ever, Sean welcomes something this Labour Government is doing – though he does say he’d like to read the small print first.
26/11/2007 BBC Radio Northampton Freedom of SpeechSean GabbMore about the Oxford Union invite to Nick Griffin and David Irving. Sean is on with Robert Kilroy Silk and Ann Widdecombe, among others, but records only himself!
20/11/2007 BBC Radio Wales Good Morning Wales Freedom of SpeechSean Gabb, Chris Bryant MPSean calls the MP a fascist and brings out his pompous side. Here is an article about the debate.
5/10/2007PodcastAll about Sean Gabb!Brian Micklethwait and Antoine ClarkeAn interesting and courteous review of Sean’s book, Cultural Revolution, Cultural War.
4/08/2007 Talk Sport RadioThe Gary Bushell Show – Why is the country becoming a police state?Sean denounces the “Sheeple” and calls for influenza to thin their numbers.
2/08/2007 BBC Radio Three Counties Extending the DNA DatabaseSean GabbSean, dragged out of bed for a comment, speaks on autopilot, but says all the usual things. You can read an extended argument against DNA databases here .
25/07/2007Some Internet TV StationShould the British Government Complete the Abolition of Habeas Corpus?Sean GabbAn unscripted piece to webcam
08/06/2007Paul Mercer Show, Talk Sport RadioSean cannot remember and is too lazy to listen to the file.Sean GabbYour guess is as good as mine.
10/05/2007 18 Doughty Street The Resignation of Tony BlairSean GabbOn a day when everyone else fills the airwaves with solemn tributes to “a remarkable if flawed leader”, Sean glories in the political death of “our worst peacetime Prime Minister in the past hundred years”, and sprays the two Conservative activists present with scornful insults.You can see the whole broadcast here. Or you can hear an edited version here.
25/03/2007 BBC Radio 5Banning the Advertising of Fast Food to ChildrenSean GabbAn average performance
17/03/2007 Committing the ashes of Chris R. Tame to the seaA farewell to a the physical remains man who will be ever with us in spirit.
28/02/2007 BBC Radio Leeds Whether incest should be illegalSean GabbThis is prompted by a story from Germany of a brother and sister who have been caught living together as husband and wife. He went to prison. The children were stolen by the authorities. This is under a law from the Third Reich.See this very old article Sean wrote under an assumed name about incest.
17/01/2007Debate at an all girl grammar school in Kent Whether Britain should leave the European UnionSean Gabb, Ben PatersonTwo opening speeches recorded, plus the question and answer session. The further workgroup discussions were not recorded.Sean won the debate: 93-87 votes. Is this significant?
03/01/2007Talkback, BBC Radio Ulster Raising the Age Limit for Buying CigarettesSean GabbA short contribution.
23/10/2006 Sky News A DNA DatabaseSean Gabb, Tony Blair!Sean puts the standard libertarian case against.
03/10/2006 BBC Radio Three Counties Whether Guns Should be Relegalised in EnglandSean Gabba standard defence – poor sound quality
01/10/2006 BBC Radio 5 The Use of the Internet by Private Individuals to Uphold JusticeSean GabbNotable for a bitchy attack on the Police as “good for shooting members of the public and funny handshakes.”
31/08/2006 BBC Radio Kent, Breakfast ProgrammeCriminalising the Possession of “Violent PornographySean GabbMuch the same as yesterday.
30/08/2006 BBC Radio 4, The World at OneCriminalising the Possession of “Violent PornographySean GabbSean tells several million people there should be no legal controls on the possession of any erotica.
28/08/2006James Whale Show, Talk Sport RadioWhether the State Should be Allowed to Spy on People to Ensure they are not Overfilling their Dustbins.Sean GabbSean agrees that Tony Blair should be hanged as a traitor, but suggests the real problem is the British Sheeple.
21/08/2006 BBC Radio 5On Getting More Women Elected to ParliamentSean GabbSean is on against Teresa Gorman, and sneers at her arguments.
15/08/2006 BBC Radio WalesShould the Police be Able to Punish Suspects without Due Process of Law?Sean GabbSean says no!
07/08/2006 BBC Radio 5 Tony Blair and Climate ChangeSean GabbSean calls the Prime Minister mad. Warning: this sound file begins with the voice of Tony Blair.
19/07/2006Lunchtime Programme, BBC Radio Ulster Weather and the Infantilisation of British CultureSean GabbNothing very ideological
06/06/2006Meeting of the Society for Individual Freedom in the Westminster Arms Chris Tame and Afterwards: The Past and Future of the British Libertarian MovementSean GabbA discussion of present and future libertarian strategy in England
19/05/2006First Annual Conference of the Property and Freedom Society, Bodrum, Turkey The Conservative Roots of English LiberalismSean GabbA short overview of a big subject
07/04/2006 BBC Radio 5 Whether public sector workers should be specially protected by law from assault.Sean GabbSean does his piece on the need for legal equality, and is ignored.
06/04/2006Private Discussion Forum Between Scrolls and Scrolling; Is Our Civilization Dependent on Books?Sean GabbNothing about freedom here
25/03/2006March for Freedom of Expression Sean Gabb on Free SpeechSean GabbSpeech given in Trafalgar Square. This is a sound file of a video recording. A DVD is available for £5 inc postage. Ask Sean Gabb for details.
20/02/2006 Sky News Free Speech for David IrvingSean GabbOne of many appearances that day.
13/02/2006 BBC Radio Wales Identity CardsSean GabbSean attacks the whole idea of identity cards, but is constrained in a three way debate interspersed with telephone calls.
22/12/2005 Talk Sport Radio Video SurveillanceSean GabbSean makes usual points
21/12/2005 BBC Radio Northampton Against the Drink Driving LawsSean GabbThis is prompted by a Libertarian Alliance News Release.
20/12/2005 BBC Radio Oxford Against the Drink Driving LawsSean GabbThis is prompted by a Libertarian Alliance News Release.
16/11/2005 BBC Radio Two, The Jeremy Vine Show Whether Ambulance Drivers Should Receive Special Protection by LawDavid CarrA robust performance. The Labour MP on the ropes.
28/10/2005Lecture Demography and EconomicsSean GabbA worthy lecture. This is a sound file of a video recording. A DVD is available for £5 inc postage. Ask Sean Gabb for details.
18/10/2005 BBC Radio Four, The Long View Drinking and Alcohol ControlSean GabbA brief contribution – starts at 11’240″
04/10/2005Speech to the Society for Individual Freedom The British Cultural RevolutionSean GabbSean goes on and on about his favourite subject. This was also the last time Chris R. Tame spoke in public
09/09/2005Speech at the Putney Debate Britain and IslamSean GabbSean Gabb discusses Islam and its presence in Britain.Timings: Introduction by Tim Evans: 0:0’00” Sean Gabb Main Speech: 0:1’06” Paul Coulam: 0:55’16” Judith Hatton: 0:59’16” Mark Taha: 1:07’00” Judith Hatton: 1:08’48” Sean Gabb Response: 1:10’52” Conclusion by Tim Evans: 1:27’42″This is a sound file of a video recording. A DVD is available for £5 inc postage. Ask Sean Gabb for details.
30/08/2005BBC Radio Scotland Banning PornographySean GabbSean puts a standard case
23/08/2005ITV Central Extra Alcohol Licensing Sean GabbSean does well. The bereaved parents are unintentionally funny. They were brought on because it was supposed their daughter had died from drinking alcohol. in fact, she merely collapsed while drunk. It was on the way to hospital that the ambulance doors swung open and her trolley fell out under the wheels of a vehicle following close behind. Yes – no one would wish this on anyone, and it must have been an awful loss. But we all had to struggle like mad to keep straight faces….
10/08/2005 BBC Radio Four, You and Yours The Immorality of Health CampaignsSean GabbA sharply worded performance
05/07/2005 BBC Radio Lancashire In Favour of GunsSean GabbA solid performance
03/07/2005BBC TV Heaven and Earth Show African Poverty Sean GabbSean does well.
25/05/2005 BBC Radio Wales Against Identity CardsSean GabbA solid performance
25/05/2005Speech to the Simon Langton School in Canterbury A Case for Leaving the European UnionSean GabbA solid performance
05/05/2005Speech at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London Comments on the General Election (video file)Sean GabbSean displays a singular capacity to reach out to people of other ideological persuasions and befriend and influence them….
28/04/2005Speech to the Elliott School Sixth Form College An Introduction to LibertarianismSean GabbA solid performance. Sean speaks at length and handles questions from the students. A DVD is available
09/04/2005Europeans for Diversity Rally, organised in London by the Democracy Movement Civil Liberties and the European Constitution (video file)Sean GabbPeople tell Sean he was good. He thinks he was dull.
08/04/2005 BBC Radio Scotland Midday Discussion Should the Government stop Rover Cars from going bankrupt?Sean GabbA dull but worthy debate, as everyone agrees the Company should be left to go to the wall.
23/03/2005 BBC Radio 4 – The World Tonight Why People are not VotingSean GabbOn with Estelle Morris, Arts Minister. Sean does quite well – he is even polite!
27/02/2005 BBC Radio 4 – Weekend Breakfast The International Anti-Smoking TreatySean GabbSean plugs his book
15/02/2005Debate at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in LondonWhat’s Wrong with British Conservatism?Sean GabbSean on very good form – on against Boris Johnson, among others. A high quality DVD of the whole debate is available on request. Click here to read the speech and Sean’s comments on it.
03/02/2005BBC TV Newsnight Drug LegalisationSean GabbA good performance.
24/11/04 BBC Radio Three CountiesWhether it is right for a householder to use lethal force against intrudersSean GabbSean argues for the right to shoot burglars out of hand.
20/11/04 BBC Radio WalesWhether the Government proposals to restrict smoking and food advertising amount to health fascismSean GabbSean more restrained – on with Peter Marsh, who largely agrees with him.
16/11/04 BBC Radio OxfordWhether the Government proposals to restrict smoking and food advertising amount to health fascismSean GabbMuch the same as below, but shorter
16/11/04 Talk Sport UKWhether the Government proposals to restrict smoking and food advertising amount to health fascismSean GabbMuch the same as below, but shorter
16/11/04 BBC Radio WalesWhether the Government proposals to restrict smoking and food advertising amount to health fascismSean GabbSean on good form, arguing that this was all a “ruling class scam”
16/11/04 BBC Asian NetworkWhether the Government proposals to restrict smoking and food advertising amount to health fascismSean GabbSean has only a few seconds to get his point across and is cut off just at the end of his paragraph.
14/11/04 BBC Radio 5 – Richard Bacon Show – discussion programmeWhether the Government proposals to restrict smoking and food advertising amount to health fascismSean GabbSean on good form, arguing that this was all a “ruling class scam” – the programme was extended 20 minutes past the scheduled end.
16/07/04 BBC Radio Scotland Midday DiscussionShould journalistic snooping be celebrated when directed against the British National Party?Sean GabbSean says no!
09/02/04Keele UniversitySpeech to the Keele University Libertarian Society about the case for private ownership of firearmsSean GabbMostly good sound quality, but poor quality for questions and answers
03/02/04 Talk Sport UK Sex Offenders RegisterSean GabbA short one
16/02/04BBC World Service – Newshour, 6-7pm GMT Multiculturalism, with Yasmin Alibhai-BrownSean Gabb40 Minutes – attempted entrapment of SIG into making racist statements, and SIG then cut off after Yasmin Alibhai-Brown makes racist statement,
20/10/03Sky News Abolition of Legal AidSean GabbSean does well.
21/09/03 BBC Radio 5Late Night Live Identity CardsSean Gabb1 hour – SIG in studio with other guests and callers
18/09/03 BBC Radio Oxford – Bill Heine ShowTony Martin and the Right to Self DefenceSean Gabb1 hour – With Tony Martin. See here for descriptive article
03/09/03 BBC Radio 4 The Commission, with Nick Ross Sale of Human OrgansBrian Micklethwait43 minute discussion, with BM as a witness some while into the programme
02/11/02BBC Ulster TV, Hearts and Minds African PovertySean GabbSean does fairly well, though not so well as three years later on the same topic.
12/09/02 BBC Radio Oxford – Bill Heine Show DNA DatabaseSean GabbStraight telephone interview – Sean does well enough, but cannot remember the event and cannot be bothered to listen to himself again.
15/02/99Late Night North – unknown station Preventive DetentionSean GabbA very effective performance – the opposition disarmed and almost converted!
25/10/98Channel Four, People’s Parliament Whether Smoking Should be BannedSean GabbSean Makes some good points, but has only a few minutes to make his case – starting at 23’02”. This is a sound file of a television broadcast.
1996Channel Four TV, If I were Prime Minister If I were Prime MinisterChris TameA fascinating documentary. This shows Chris R. Tame at the height of his powers, and also shows much about the inner workings of the Libertarian Alliance.
17/10/96 Scottish Television, Trial by Night Whether the Police Should be Privatised Sean GabbSean makes a good, orthodox case for privatising the Monsters in Blue. The only reason for listening to this broadcast is that it shows how he was moving without fully realising from the old “privatise everything” school of libertarianism to a more sophisticated understanding of the need to shut down certain state activities on the grounds that they are too dangerous to civil society to be left even in private hands. This is a sound file of a television broadcast.
10/10/96Granada Sky Broadcasting, Britain Talks Back The Legalisation of DrugsSean GabbSean is on very good form. Particularly worth catching is his utter deflation of some “protecting the kiddies” health fascist on the ages of some of the “young people” he was puling about. This is a sound file of a television broadcast.
18/08/96Radio Viva Gun ControlSean Gabb30 minutes recorded of one hour – a shame, this as SIG on very good form! The programme includes “Dr Tobias Ezra Bernstein”, who turned out not to be all that he claimed. Read here for details.
27/05/96 BBC Radio 5 Morning Programme Whether Public Workers Should Have the Right to StrikeSean GabbSean Gabb v Tony Benn. Sean is slightly overawed, but makes the usual case.
17/06/96BBC Radio Northamptonshire Gun ControlSean Gabb45 interesting minutes with Ann Pearston of the Snowdrop Campaign – here she admits to wanting to live in a “slave state”! She got her gun ban – an look how much safer it has made the country.
24/03/96 BBC Radio 5Night Call with Nick Robinson Health Education and BSESean Gabb1 hour – with: Donald Reed, Chief Executive Association of Public Heath; Tony Burn, Chief Executive Royal Society of Health. We are still waiting for the millions of deaths from BSE then predicted!
Aug 1989BBC Radio Stoke on Trent Whether Christians Should SmokeSean GabbThis is Sean Gabb’s first ever radio broadcast. In those days, he was young and a non-smoker – but otherwise much the same as ever!

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