Stories from Paul the Deacon – Description

Stories from Paul the Deacon:
A Latin Reader for GCSE,
A-Level and University Students

The purpose of this book is to give students a set of readings that are in genuine but fairly simple Latin, and that are interesting in themselves, and that are accompanied by a Vocabulary in which nearly every word used in the text is fully-explained. I hope it will be useful to GCSE and A-Level students, and to undergraduates who are beginning an accelerated course in Latin. Nor do I forget students in home-education or those who are trying to learn Latin by themselves.

As a writer, Paul the Deacon (c.725-799) stands at a level intermediate between Latin Stories and the Roman classics. A further advantage is that the extracts given here are in entirely genuine Latin. Turn forward to any of the texts, and you are reading the unaltered prose of a man whose working language was Latin. Paul is a writer of much enthusiasm and curiosity. He is lucid and often graceful, and he is variously learned and cautious and colloquial. He has a grim sense of humour, and a sense of history. He knows how to tell a story, and how to weave his stories into an extended narrative. He is justly called the Herodotus of the Middle Ages.

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