The Iconoclast Reviews Cultural Revolution, Culture War

I have on my shelves Dr. Sean Gabb’s book, Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back (on-line for download or purchase at and a thoroughly good read it is. If you haven’t yet read it then I completely recommend it.

Michael Presley has written a critique of the book in the The Brussels Journal and that’s well worth a read, also, and Mr. Presley’s review reminded me that I have always meant to draw this volume to your attention.

Basically, and to quote Mr. Presley, Dr. Gabb “offers an ideological explanation for the current British social-political environment, and then offers suggestions as to how the situation may be reversed. Although ostensibly writing about Great Britain, Gabb acknowledges that his insights hold throughout the West.”

However, Dr. Gabb’s book does more than that and is couched in such reasonable, proper and clear language that you could lend your copy to your maiden aunt and be assured that although she might still disagree with you and Dr. Gabb when she had finished it she most certainly would not feel offended by what she had read. This volume is that rare thing – a crystal clear, easily readable book by an academic.

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