Thomas Knapp Reviews Freedom of Speech in England

Recently (very recently) Sean Gabb of the UK’s Libertarian Alliance sent me an advance copy of his new e-book.

If you know Sean, you know that he’s a published author many times over (not always under that same name) who can usually get his stuff into print — and you also know that he’s a contrarian who doesn’t pull any punches in defending even (or maybe especially) the people we love to hate. He seemed to be of the opinion that this book was maybe just a little too hot in that respect for the usual print suspects to want to handle.

On a quick reading, I can see why he might think that. In this book he makes the case for free speech rights for racists, child pornographers, holocaust deniers … everyone. That’s a lot of heavy lifting that needed doing. Thanks to Sean for doing it.

He’s decided to issue Freedom of Speech in England: Its Present State and Likely Prospects as a FREE DOWNLOAD … with the request that if you like it, you go ahead and buy a copy of the self-published (via Lulu) dead tree edition. Instead of pointing you straight at the download, I’m going to point you at his blog post with the download and sales links.


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