The York Deviation, Reviewed by Kevin

“I knew that my world would die, and when it would die.” From the moment I read this opening line, I was hooked. My mind cannot conjure up a more visceral, terrifying prospect. Imagine such a scenario – not just your life, but all life – on the precipice of utter destruction. You know it’s coming – you know when it’s coming… but can do nothing to stop it. Civilization itself awaits the executioner’s axe. What’s worse… it’s partially your own fault.

I don’t often read fiction. When I do read fiction, it is almost exclusively historical fiction. This novel, a fantasy novel, is an exception to this rule, because it is an exceptional book. History, recent and not-so-recent, is seamlessly interwoven with fantasy and horror in a captivating dystopian narrative that transports the reader just far enough away from reality to catch a fuller, more illuminating glimpse of it.

With each chapter, the reader is guided ever deeper into a web of conspiracy and intrigue, gripped by intense sequences of action, and glued to every word in an effort to glean whatever clues might be inconspicuously woven into the prose. It is a narrative crafted so convincingly that even the truly bizarre feels, somehow, entirely natural and plausible. The reader’s theories are sure to pile up as quickly as the bodies in this intense, hallucinatory, mystery-thriller.

While not a short book, I read it from cover to cover in two days. I have not enjoyed a book more thoroughly than I have this one in quite a long time. I highly recommend this one-of-a-kind novel by Dr. Sean Gabb. By all means, download the free sample first. Once you’ve read the prologue, you won’t need any words of mine to convince you.

Review Published on Amazon on 22nd August 2017

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